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Roberts Sales sells Flagstaff pop-up trailers by Forest River. With two decades of experience to support the claim we can proudly say that Flagstaff produces a top-tier camper both in build-quality and value. Flagstaff builds over 30 models and offers a wide array of features and options.

LTD Series
  • 2 models
  • $8295, $8995
  • 8' & 10' box
  • 1465-1608 lbs.

LTD series example

  • 7 models
  • $9495-$13,595
  • 8'-12' boxes
  • 1592-2439 lbs.

MAC Series example

SE (Sports)
  • 7 models
  • $11,195-$16,995
  • 8-12' boxes
  • 1722-3377 lbs.

Sports Enthusiast Series example

  • 4 models
  • $15,295-$16,095
  • 12', 14' boxes
  • 2698-2955 lbs.

Classic series example

High Wall
  • 3 models
  • $16,995-$19,095
  • 14', 16' boxes
  • 3249-3721 lbs.

High Wall series example

T Series
  • 9 models
  • $13,395-$16,995
  • 12', 14' boxes
  • 2014-2700 lbs.

T-Series example

Please note: "New Sales" includes all floor-plans Flagstaff offers. Some models may not be available at our store; please check New Campers In Stock for our current inventory. Thank you!

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Forest River reserves the right to change colors/patterns/specifications at any time; the icons above represent the series shape or average size each camper depicts, not necessarily the color or features of the current model year. (Forest River changes things like the body color and decals long before they send out promotional photos--sorry.)