Updated 5-13-17

Used, Early Model 2016 Flagstaff 208 for sale - $6995 - ON HOLD

Early Model 2016 Flagstaff 208 exterior

Used, 2015 Flagstaff 228 for sale- $7675 - SOLD, Thank you!

2015 Flagstaff 228 exterior

New, Early Model 2017 Flagstaff 206ST on clearance - $8972

Early Model 2017 Flagstaff 206ST exterior

Lightly-Used Camper Sale

PLEASE NOTE: We are still renting some of these campers. Not all of them are on display at our lot at all times. (More details )

The following categories summarize the used campers on sale from our rental fleet. For specific campers (including photographs) please see Used Campers On Sale.

Flagstaff 176

2016 $8295 $6695 (Only 1 left, with hail patches)
176 floorplan 176 bed layout

Flagstaff 206LT

2016 $8295 $6895 (only 1 left)
2017 (early model) $8295 $6995 (2 to choose from)
206LT floorplan 206LT bed layout
(What's the difference between a 206LTD and a 206LT ?)

Flagstaff 208

2017 (early model) $9395 $7895 (2 to choose from)
208 floorplan 208 bed layout

Flagstaff 228

2017 (early model) $10195 $8595 (2 to choose from)
228 floorplan 228 bed layout

*What is "Early Model" or "EM" and why does it matter?

So, for example, when the chart below says there are "6 to choose from" that means we have six of that model and year camper in our rental program, not necessarily that all six of those campers are on display at all times.

We apologize for any difficulty not having all of our used campers on the lot at one time may cause but the alternative is waiting until October or November for the used camper sale to begin. However, starting the sale in mid-August allows for late-summer camping trips (like for Labor Day) that may not be possible in October.

For any questions or further details about how the used camper sale works, please give us a call at 303-922-6221. Thank you!

Prices and inventory are subject to change without prior notification.

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