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2019 Model Year Line-up Changes

7-17-2018 For the 2019 model year the T12BH will no longer be available. Instead the T12BH will join the Sports Enthusiast T-Series as the T12BHSE. It will retain its front dormer, making the T12BHSE the only SE T-series with a dormer.

The T19QBHW and T21FKHW have been discontinued for the 2019 model year. The T21TBHW and T21DMHW remain the only High Wall T-series models with the front dormer.

The T19QBHW was the last 12' High-Wall T-Series camper Flagstaff had in its line-up. All other T-series High Walls have a 14' body.

We still have one T19QBHW in stock for anyone interested in a lighter, easy-to-maneuver High Wall a-frame camper.

Early Model 2018 Flagstaff T19QBHW

Spring Price Increase

4-14-2018 Flagstaff is well into production of Early Model 2019 campers and with that comes a slight price increase. In most cases this amounts to an increase of $300-400.

In the case of the 176SE, Flagstaff finally realized the 176SE has been under-priced since its inception (compared to other Sports Enthusiast campers and the regular 176). So it received the largest price jump--from $9295 to $9995. It's still an excellent value for all the extra SE features it has over a standard 176 or 176LTD, but all of them sold before now were an even better bargain.

For our part, we have two 176SEs that were already in stock before the price increase was announced, so those stay at their initial price. Both of them are available (as of today) and are listed at New Campers In Stock.

Here's a printable copy of the new price list:

2018 price increase (78.8kb)

Wi-Fi Ranger

1-15-2018 Most Flagstaff campers (all except the LTD, 206LT, and 176) now include a "Wi-Fi Ranger" that boosts the wi-fi signal if a wi-fi signal is already present in an area. The antennae mounts to the roof of the camper.

wi-fi ranger

This may be helpful in a campsite where the campground has a distant wi-fi signal (like at the campground office only).

Then again, some people go camping to get away from electronic signals...

Nice Tan!

1-3-2018 All 2018 non-Sports Enthusiast models now have a tan body (as opposed to the cream body of the 2017s). The Sports Enthusiast series and the 176 retain their gray bodies.

2018 Flagstaff tan exterior

2018 Flagstaff T-series exterior

Introducing the 2018 Flagstaff T21TBHWSE

11-17-2017 We received our first T21TBHWSE. It's based on the T21TBHW but in the Sports Enthusiast trim, no interior cassette toilet, and with no dormer. The result is an easy to set up, high-clearance camper with lots of seating and sleeping room (for a T-series camper, of course).

2018 Flagstaff T21TBHWSE

2018 Flagstaff T21TBHWSE front view 2018 Flagstaff T21TBHWSE rear view 2018 Flagstaff T21TBHWSE galley 2018 Flagstaff T21TBHWSE dinette bed

2018 Price List

11-9-2017 A printable version of our 2018 Price List (with Series Comparison on the back) is now available:

2018 Price List (109kb)

Flagstaff 205 layout change

11-7-2017 From 2002 through 2017, the 205's cassette toilet was positioned across from the entryway into the camper. This created a bottleneck between the galley/dinette area and the rest of the camper. This problem was most evident when cooking because the galley is on the opposite end of the trailer from the refrigerator, so retrieving things from the fridge or returning leftovers to the fridge meant moving across the camper, past the bottleneck, every time.

205 bottleneck problem

For 2018 Flagstaff moved the cassette toilet/shower combo to the front corner of the box and the cabinet moved between the cassette and galley. It may seem like a minor change but those extra few inches of space between the dinette corner and cabinet may make a difference in whether or not someone bangs their knee on the furniture.

Plus, it's nice to have the toilet/shower tucked away in the corner instead of being--honestly--too close to the galley and dinette. Yes, it's just two feet away from it's previous position but in a ten-foot camper, two feet is a pretty significant move.

Here's the new layout:

2018 Flagstaff 205 bottleneck fix

2018 Flagstaff Brochure

11-1-2017 The 2018 factory brochure is now available.

2018 Flagstaff Tent Camper and T-Series Brochure (big pdf)

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