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228BHSE tongue configuration change


The 228BHSE and 228BHSE with shower now comes standard with dual propane tanks and an automatic regulator. While extra propane is a nice bonus, the second propane tank goes where the battery pack used to reside. Consequently Flagstaff moved the battery pack to the bike hauler metal deck area. Here is new configuration:

228BHSE tongue configuration 2017

228BHSE tongue configuration

New Camper Price Increases


The irritating but sometimes necessary mid-year price increase information arrived from Flagstaff. We will honor the current prices listed on our brochure pages for all orders (with deposit) through May 10th. And, of course, any campers already in stock retain their original price.

The following sheet contains the new pricing that will go into effect May 11th. (The price increase for each model is listed in red.)

2017 price increase notice

Brochure Corrections

3-7-17 The 2017 Flagstaff brochure has some errors we'd like to address.

Page 2-3 - Early printings of the 2017 brochure used a dark and blurry picture of the 228. Later printings used a much better picture, but the model shown is the 228D. (The "228" label was not changed when the photo was changed.)

Page 5 - The "Box Size" of the 176SE is listed as 8' 4". The actual interior dimension is 8' 2".

Page 5 - The "Trailer Size (Closed w/ Hitch)" of the 206STSE is listed as 17' 11". The actual dimension from tongue to the back of the spare tire is 17' 2".

T12BH dormer

2-14-17 The 2017 Flagstaff T12BH now has a dormer. The floor-plan, appliances, and metal deck on the front remain the same as in previous years, but how there's a bit more head-room and an openable window in the front.

2017 Flagstaff T12BH exterior with dormer

2017 Flagstaff T12BH dormer interior view 2017 Flagstaff T12BH dormer ceiling view

176 color change

12-29-16 We special-ordered the 176 again for 2017 and asked Flagstaff if they would use the cool gray exterior on the 176 like they do on the Sports Enthusiast campers. Flagstaff agreed, so 2017 176s have a gray exterior. However, that are not full-fledged Sports Enthusiast campers so they do not have the higher suspension, 15" wheels, or stereo system.

2017 Flagstaff 176 with gray exterior

2017 Flagstaff 176 interior front view 2017 Flagstaff 176 interior rear view 2017 Flagstaff 176 interior galley

Fixing the 823D problem - the 2017 Flagstaff 825D

12-17-16 Since Flagstaff changed the 823D layout for 2017, the only four-bed campers in the Classic Series also include an interior shower/cassette toilet (625D and 627D). The old 823D with a slide-out dinette, four beds, and no interior toilet had a great layout and was very popular for us, so we talked to the factory about an alternative.

Flagstaff agreed to build a limited number of 625Ds without the interior shower/cassette toilet for us. These will have the same layout as the 825D built from 2002-2006. In fact, we're going to call them the "825D". They are on order now and should be here in the first part of 2017. We'll provide full specs and pictures for the 2017 Flagstaff 825D as soon as they arrive.

2017 Flagstaff 825D

The 823D problem

12-15-16 Flagstaff reconfigured the 2017 823D to a near-425D layout. Like the 425D, the 823D now has a front door-side corner seat and rear off-door-side galley. Instead of a bay window on the rear door-side like the 425D, the 823D now has a large exterior baggage door that opens to reveal a college-dorm-style cube fridge (like the 627D).

2017 Flagstaff 823D layout Flagstaff 425D layout

The problem with the new 823D layout concerns only having three beds. The main draw to the 823D was its four-beds--in a Classic--without an interior shower. The new layout adds a cube fridge (110V-only, so the camper must be plugged in to shore power or running a generator) and extra counter space--but at the cost of the fourth bed.

2017 Flagstaff 823D with only three beds 1999-2016 Flagstaff 823D with four beds

2017 Flagstaff Brochure

12-14-2016 The 2017 factory brochure is available to peruse and download.

2017 Flagstaff Tent Camper and T-Series Brochure (big pdf)

Sports Enthusiast T-Series

8-30-2016 Our first T12RBSSE and T12RBTHSE arrived so we've added pictures to the T12RBSSE model page and the T12RBTHSE model page.

2017 Flagstaff T21FKHW exterior view

2017 Flagstaff T12RBTHSE exterior

T21FKHW photos now available

8-24-2016 Our first T21FKHW arrived so we've added pictures to the T21FKHW model page.

2017 Flagstaff T21FKHW exterior view

A new dormer T-series, The T21FKHW

7-23-2016 Flagstaff is adding a "Front Kitchen" to their T-series lineup. The T21FKHW is basically the T21DMHW layout but with cabinetry and counter-tops in place of the shower/cassette toilet. It also has a counter on the front end of the camper interior which creates a "U"-shaped galley area.

2017 Flagstaff T21FKHW layout

This is a dormer unit, so the camper will look similar to the T21DMHW exterior shown here:

Flagstaff dormer T-series example

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