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All of the campers on this page come from our rental fleet (any available used campers not from our rental fleet will be listed in Specials). They are maintained and refurbished by Roberts Sales and come with a 1-year warranty against defects in parts and workmanship to provide extra peace of mind when purchasing a used trailer.

All of the campers listed below come with a battery pack, awning, overhead cabinet, and curtain straps. These items may not be in the following photos because some campers are still set up as rentals and we do not rent those four items. These items are included in the sale price and will be installed when the camper is prepped for sale.

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(includes used campers not from our rental program)
Updated 8-14-18

Note: not all campers are on display at all times; please call us at 303-922-6221 to check if a particular camper is available for viewing (some campers may be out on rental or closed down in our storage lot). Thank you!

Flagstaff 208
Flagstaff 208 floorplan

3 stars
177808 exterior 177808 back-side 177808 front view 177808 rear view 177808 galley 177808 scracthes by door 177808 off-door-side scratches 177808 table scratches 177808 furnace scratches 177808 fridge scratch 177808 rear bunk light spot 177808 front bunk multiple light spots

Early Model* 2018
3 1/2 stars
179274 exterior 179274 back-side 179274 front view 179274 rear view 179274 galley 179274 scratches by door 179274 off-door-side scratches 179274 more off-door-side scratches 179274 tent stains 179274 more tent stains
3 1/2 stars
179276 exterior 179276 back-side 179276 front view 179276 rear view 179276 galley 179276 scratches by door 179276 off-door-side scratches 179276 table scratches 179276 tent stains 179276 more tent stains 179276 thin spot on tent stove scratches
3 1/2 stars
3 1/2 stars
179279 exterior 179279 back-side 179279 front view 179279 rear view 179279 galley 179279 scratches by door 179279 off-door-side scratches 179279 two small window patches 179279 stove lid bent 179279 tent stains

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FINE PRINT: The pictures and descriptions of these campers are not necessarily comprehensive (for example, we do not record routine damage such as camper "road rash"); they are meant to show the overall condition of a particular camper but, by the nature of a web page already filled to the brim with little pictures, it's not feasible to record every scratch and dent of each camper. Please stop by so you can see for yourself how nice our campers are.

* "EM" or "Early Model" indicates a camper that was built with the previous year's specifications and color schemes but then titled as the next year's model year. For example, an Early Model 2019 208 has the exact same features and color scheme as a 2018 208 but it was built after the 2018 model year had ended, technically. No changes made for the next "full-fledged" model year had been implemented yet; therefore, the only difference between the two is the year on the title. Why is this important?

Prices and inventory are subject to change without prior notification.

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