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Flagstaff 170

170 floorplan

Highlights (or in the case of the 170, "low-lights")

  • This little disaster was Flagstaff's attempt to make the Lightest Pop-up Ever. However, it wasn't that light (1000 lbs.--which wasn't that impressive for an 8' camper in 2007) and the features they left off or modified to get to that weight were sorely missed:

    • Shortened counter-tops (also meant shortened cupboard depth)
    • No furnace (given the shallow cupboards a furnace could not physically fit inside this camper!)
    • 8" wheels! (12" were the smallest wheels used for regular campers in 2007--we hadn't seen 8" wheels on a Flagstaff since the early '90s)
    • No spare tire
    • No entry step
    • No mounted stabilizing jacks (two loose tri-pod hand-crank jacks were provided)
    • The usual plywood seat bottoms were replaced with 1/4" paneling (not joking).
    • No fridge available, only an ice box
    • No roof vent whatsoever
    • No patio light (and only one inside dome light)
    • 3" mattresses (we think; that detail is a little blurry since we've tried to excise this particular model from our memory)

  • Some things (like heat) are why pop-up-camping folks like pop-up campers. If almost all of those features are gone people might as well go back to a tent.

  • Incidentally the regular 2007 176ED weighed only 250 lbs. more (1250 lbs.) and had the usual MAC features: 12" wheels, plywood seat bottoms, a furnace, step, spare tire, powered roof vent, patio light, 4" mattresses, etc.

Not surprisingly the 170 lasted only half a season before being discontinued.


  • Box Size: 8'
  • Open Length: 17'
  • Travel Length: 12'
  • Dry Weight: 999 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 120 lbs
  • GVWR: n/a
  • Sleeps: 6 (technically--the third bed is only 5' 2" long)
  • Beds:
    1. 80" x 54 "
    2. 80" x 42"
    3. 64" x 35"

Weights and capacities are estimates and may vary based on how individual campers are outfitted.