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2021 Flagstaff Brochure Released


Flagstaff's online 2021 pop-up brochure is (finally) available. It's a massive 15.8M download, but that's as far as it would compress, apparently. We're still waiting on the printed versions.

Click the brochure thumbnail to download:

2021 Flagstaff pop-up brochure

P.S. The brochure lists the 228SE as "228SE". Flagstaff also updated their website to say "228SE" so it looks like the "228E" mentioned below was just a typo. Good to know!

228SE Update


Flagstaff's website now lists the 228SE as the "228E" with a slightly different layout inside (a longer couch) and an enclosed storage trunk added to the front. However, the graphic file for this model still says "228SE" so we're not sure about the model name, but the storage trunk has been confirmed.

Presumably when the factory brochure is released or when we actually receive our order for this model and see the sticker on the camper in person, we'll know which model name won out. For now, we're going to stick with "228SE".

2021 Flagstaff 228SE or 228E

COVID-19 Complications


COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on our world, and it continues to affect the RV industry.

The extreme demand for RVs currently outweighs the industry's abilty to supply them. Increased production does not help much because raw materials and parts are also scarce at the moment. Flagstaff/Rockwood is experiencing an unprecedented back-log of camper orders. Orders placed now may be delayed by as much as six months.

New Models for 2021



The 206LTD layout comes to the MAC series (and with a front storage trunk) as the 206M. This is the only 10' MAC camper with a storage trunk and will be a nice MAC complement to the 206STSE.

Flagstaff 206M layout

(An update to the 228SE is available above on 1-13-21)


A version of the 228D will now be in the Sports Enthusiast Series as the 228SE. The 228SE has a 60" sofa/bed and a small cabinet area whereas the 228D has a 70" gaucho/bed but otherwise the layout looks the same.

The model name is a bit odd because "228SE" makes it sound like this model is a Sports Enthusiast version of the 228, which it is not. It's an SE version of the 228D. "228DSE" would have been less confusing, but then again Flagstaff nomenclature isn't exactly teeming with clarity.

Flagstaf 228SE layout - early floor plan

Like most 228 variants the 228SE with also have an interior shower/cassette toilet option; the aptly named 228SE with shower.

Flagstaff 228SE with shower


The T21TBHWOR uses the T12TBHW interior with the exception of the cassette toilet; in its place is a full dinette (as opposed to the 3/4 dinette with toilet). It also has a lifted frame and 15" Mud and Snow tires.

With the raised frame and 15" M+S tires it's reminiscent of the T21TBHWSE, but the T21TBHWOR has a front dormer where the T21TBHWSE did not.

Flagstaff T21TBHWOR

Feature Changes for 2021

High Wall Shower Shells

The High Wall Campers will no longer have hard sides on the shower area. This is not a big loss since the hard sides weren't water-tight so the shower area needed a curtain anyway to contain water. The hard sides provided a modicum of privacy but the shower curtain and/or divider curtain can still provide that service.

Sports Enthusiast Solar Panels

Flagstaff added a 100-watt solar panel to the SE roofs. The placement leaves a little to be desired since a cargo carrier could block a portion of the panel, but if an air conditioner is installed there's really no other place for the panel to go. So... sometimes compromise is the name of the game.

2021 Model Year Price List


The 2021 Price List is available online at All Models on One Page and in pdf format here:

2021 Price List pdf (80k)

Goodbye 228, Hello 228LTD


After 23 years, the venerable 228 has been discontinued, sort of*. Technically Flagstaff discontinued the model last year but we were able to special-order a batch of 228s for 2020. Unfortunately with the factory's supply problems due to COVID-19 closures and the massive backlog of campers they have to work through, Flagstaff will not be able to special-build the 228 for us for 2021.

228 layout

*Although the 228 has been discontinued as a MAC camper, Flagstaff is going to preserve the 228 layout in a new model called the "228LTD". No word yet if the 228LTD is going to have all of the LTD features like 12" wheels, a 10-gallon water tank, standard roof vent, in/out stove, hinged galley, etc. or if it will be a hybrid between MAC and LTD. Stay tuned.

(We have a 228LTD on order and will update What's New as soon as we see it in person.)

Discontinued Models

9-1-20 Forest River has discontinued the 205. For real, this time. So the smallest Flagstaff pop-up with an interior shower/cassette toilet is now the 228D with shower.

The 176SE has also been discontinued. We can add a lift kit and larger tires to our 176 to mimic the clearance of the 176SE (but with a much better interior layout, in our humble opinion).

One other cut for the year is the T21QBHW, the first T21. Now all High Wall T-Series campers have a front dormer.

Driveway Camping

5-1-2020 Campground closed? Try driveway camping! Blair Andersen sent us this picture of his 2020 Flagstaff 627M ready for some fine front yard adventures (and probably s'mores).

2020 Flagstaff 627M in the driveway!

Website Overhaul

11-20-2019 Our website required some major alterations due to Flagtsaff discontinuing the Classic Series and the Sports Enthusiast T-Series. Since we were making major changes anyway, we overhauled other parts, too. Here's a brief summary:

In the navigation bar, "New Sales" has been broken down into "2020 Models" (this is the former "New Sales" page with a breakdown of Flagstaff's pop-up and a-frame campers) and "New In Stock" showing our actual inventory of new campers. (And "New Campers In Stock"--formerly in the subnavigation menu--is now #2 in the main navigation bar.)

"What's New" is now in the green section under the main section of the navigation bar. We have "new news" so infrequently that having "What's New" at the top of the navigation bar seemed odd.

navigation bar overhaul illustration

We also split each part of the T-Series into its own page, especially since the Sports Enthusiast T Series is now discontinued. The regular, low-wall T-Series is still on its main page but we've moved the Sports Enthusiast T Series campers to its own page (and to the Archives) and the High Wall T Series gets its own page, too.

The new High Wall T Series quick-icon is on the main page now:

what's new icon intro

For posterity, here's the What's New Archive

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