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2021 Model Year Price List


The 2021 Price List is available online at All Models on One Page and in pdf format here:

2021 Price List pdf (79k)

Discontinued Models

9-1-20 Forest River has discontinued the 205. For real, this time. So the smallest Flagstaff pop-up with an interior shower/cassette toilet is now the 228D with shower.

The 176SE has also been discontinued. We can add a lift kit and larger tires to our 176 to mimic the clearance of the 176SE (but with a much better interior layout, in our humble opinion).

One other cut for the year is the T21QBHW, the first T21. Now all High Wall T-Series campers have a front dormer.

Driveway Camping

5-1-2020 Campground closed? Try driveway camping! Blair Andersen sent us this picture of his 2020 Flagstaff 627M ready for some fine front yard adventures (and probably s'mores).

2020 Flagstaff 627M in the driveway!

Website Overhaul

11-20-2019 Our website required some major alterations due to Flagtsaff discontinuing the Classic Series and the Sports Enthusiast T-Series. Since we were making major changes anyway, we overhauled other parts, too. Here's a brief summary:

In the navigation bar, "New Sales" has been broken down into "2020 Models" (this is the former "New Sales" page with a breakdown of Flagstaff's pop-up and a-frame campers) and "New In Stock" showing our actual inventory of new campers. (And "New Campers In Stock"--formerly in the subnavigation menu--is now #2 in the main navigation bar.)

"What's New" is now in the green section under the main section of the navigation bar. We have "new news" so infrequently that having "What's New" at the top of the navigation bar seemed odd.

navigation bar overhaul illustration

We also split each part of the T-Series into its own page, especially since the Sports Enthusiast T Series is now discontinued. The regular, low-wall T-Series is still on its main page but we've moved the Sports Enthusiast T Series campers to its own page (and to the Archives) and the High Wall T Series gets its own page, too.

The new High Wall T Series quick-icon is on the main page now:

what's new icon intro

For posterity, here's the What's New Archive

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