What's the bottom line?

Roberts Sales does NOT use "delivery & handling" fees, dealership fees, destination fees, demonstration fees, administration fees, propane fees, preparation fees, or ANY hidden charges whatsoever for our camper sales.

The actual price for our campers is the price listed plus tax based on where you live.* (And Motor Vehicle will be waiting for the registration fee and plate fee when you get your license plates**.)

*If you live outside of Colorado we cannot collect any of your taxes. You'll want to visit your state's Motor Vehicle Department after picking up the camper and they will collect any taxes due.

**You'll receive a 60-day temporary permit from us when you pick-up your camper. We'll also fill out all the forms you'll need to get your plates from Motor Vehicle (if you live in Colorado, that is. For our out-of-state customers we will provide the title or MSO; any other forms like the Application for Title will need to be handled by your state's Motor Vehicle Department).