Series Comparison

Comparing Flagstaff's six model lines

Feature LTD LT MAC Sports High Wall Tent T-Series High Wall T-Series
Tent trim color bronze bronze bronze silver green/
n/a n/a
Fridge cu ft. 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 4.0* 2.5 4.0*
Heated mattress 3.5" foam 3.5" foam 3.5" foam 3.5" foam 5"spring 5" foam 5" foam
Lift-system hand-crank+ hand-crank+ electric


electric manual electric
Cold-water tank 10 gal. 10 gal. 20 gal. 20 gal. 20 gal. 20 gal. 20 gal.
6-gallon water heater n/a n/a S** S S S S
Exterior shower fixture n/a n/a S** S S S S
Stereo system O O O S S S S
Radial tire/wheel size 12" steel^ 13" alum. 13" alum. 15" alum. 14" alum. 13" alum. 14" alum.
Electric brakes O^ S S S S S S
Body panels aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass
1-piece Fiberglass roof S S S S S 2-shells 2-shells
Axle/suspension leaf-spring leaf-spring leaf-spring leaf-spring torsion-bar torsion-bar torsion-bar
Outside griddle & prep table O O S S S S S
Bunk-end light/fan combo. O O S S S n/a n/a
Overhead cabinet O S S S S n/a n/a
Overhead wardrobe/pantry O O O O S O O
Entry-door style 1-piece 1-piece 1-piece 1-piece 1-piece 2-piece 2-piece
Entry handle O S S S S S S
Powered-fan roof vent O O S S S S S
Roof Valance O S S S S n/a n/a
Roof Rack O O O O O O O
Stabilizing jacks 2^ 4 4 4 4 4 4

O = Optional; S = Standard; n/a = not available

*The 4.0 cu. ft. Dometic refrigerator includes a small freezer compartment.

**The 176 cannot accommodate a hot-water system due to space constraints.

+An optional powered lift system is available.

^ The 228LTD has 13" aluminum wheels, electric brakes, and 4 crank-down stabilizing jacks.

♦ The T21TBHW does not have heated mattresses.

■All spare tires use steel wheels. "Aluminum wheels" refers to the main tires on the ground.

◊ The T-series shelf unit has two shelves; the tent camper overhead wardrobe has three shelves.


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