We stand behind our campers and our work

New Warranty

Flagstaff offers the following warranty on all new trailers:

  • Limited life-time warranty of the lift system (lifter arms, push-springs, and lift cable; does not include the powered lift winch) (excludes T-series/hard-sides)
  • Twenty-five year flooring warranty (for the linoleum)
  • Five-year roof warranty (excludes T-series/hard-sides)
  • Five-year tent warranty
  • Five-year frame warranty
  • One-year bumper to bumper warranty

Forest River's warranty and warranty procedures are detailed in the Owner's Manual (pdf).

Used Warranty

Roberts Sales has a one-year warranty on our used trailers unless otherwise noted. "Only one year?" Yes, because anything that would have been covered by the factory warranty has already been worked out in the rental program (where almost all of our used trailers come from).

The used campers are maintained and refurbished by Roberts Sales so you can be confident our used trailers are tried, true, and ready to go.


Our labor rate is $120/hr. Here are some examples of set maintenance rates:

Note: these rates apply only to Flagstaff pop-up trailers. Thank you.

  • Pack bearings- $80 per axle (bearing, race, and seal replacement, if necessary, is an extra cost)
  • Winterize a camper with a cold-water only system - $75
  • Winterize a camper with a hot-water system - $95
  • Winterize a camper with an interior shower/cassette toilet* - $105
  • Winterize a High Wall camper with hot water and a residential-style toilet** - $135

    Note: we recommend bringing in your camper in September for winterization because our backlog of service campers can be several weeks long, even in October. If you bring your camper in a day or two before our area freezes, we most likely will not have time to winterize your camper.

    (Another) note: If you bring in your camper for winterizing after we have had freezing temperatures, we will conduct a leak test (at extra cost) to determine if the freezing temperatures have already damaged your water system.

    (Yet another) note: we winterize campers with an air compressor to remove water from the water system. We do not use RV antifreeze.


At our shop we can customize a camper to almost any configuration. Extra propane, batteries, lights, and overhead storage are just the beginning. Roof racks, bike racks, bigger tires--there are almost limitless possibilities for outfitting your camper to your specific needs. For more on customizing a trailer please check out: Customize It! and Options


Even the best parts can eventually wear out or break. Or maybe the crank was left at the campsite a few states back. Regardless, we have a warehouse full of parts in stock. If a part happens to not be in stock we will order a new one as quickly as possible***. Here is a list of the most commonly requested parts.


Accidents happen. The good news is that pretty much anything bad that can happen to a camper we've seen before (or done ourselves) so we have the experience to help put things back the way they were.

Here are two examples of not-fun situations we fixed:

  • Wheel Well Blowout --Please note this is a RARE OCCURENCE (mostly we just wanted to brag about our work)
  • Water Damage --Please note this is a VERY RARE OCCURENCE (another thinly veiled brag post)

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*We winterize the fresh-water part of the toilet (the water flowing into the bowl). The black water part (the cassette toilet or the black water tank) is the customer's responsibility.

**Full disclosure: "quickly as possible" is rather relative if the part needs to come from the factory. Flagstaff does a lot of things right, but shipping parts ASAP is not always one of them. Understandably they are bound by the laws of supply and demand and not all parts have the same demand (thus, in some cases, limited supply and longer wait periods before a part arrives). For more details please check Parts Shipping Policy.

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