Wheel Well Repair

Fixing a Flagstaff's wheel well after a tire blowout

Late 1990's

Luckily tire blowouts are rare. Since Flagstaff switched to radial tires years ago the incidence of blowouts have decreased even more. Before the switch to radial tires, though, this rather unfortunate incident occurred to a Flagstaff 176SD.

The blowout destroyed the wheel well, the front panel of the dinette seat, part of the panel behind the dinette seat, and part of the floorboard and linoleum in front of the wheel well.

Flagstaff wheel well damage

We installed a new wheel well and new front panel to the dinette. The rear board (view blocked by the water tank) received a patch. Because replacing the linoleum would have been cost-prohibitive the customer decided to have a block cover the floor damage.

Flagstaff wheel well fix

The completed repair restored the camper almost fully to its original state. The block covering the linoleum damage is the only reminder of the incident.

Flagstaff wheel well fix complete

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