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The trailer show is a great way to see all the latest camping products in one place. The first show we (usually) attend is the Colorado RV Adventure Travel Show ; the second (and largest) trailer show of the year for us is the Colorado RV, Sports, & Travel Show .

Trailer Show Discount

(Or, actually, the Trailer Show Season* Discount.)

During the trailer show season (December through March), campers purchased at Roberts Sales include a 30% discount on options installed on new campers and a 20% discount on options installed on used campers.**

Trailer Show Season Discount New Flyer Trailer Show Season Discount Used Flyer

The First Trailer Show We (usually) Attend

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2018 January show

2018 January show 2

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The Second Trailer Show We (usually) Attend

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2015 Colorado RV, Sports, Boat & Travel Show, Roberts Sales

2015 trailer show

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*We say "Trailer Show Season" because the discount applies to all campers purchased from us from January through all of March, not just campers purchased at the shows themselves. That way nobody is penalized for not attending a show and nobody at the show is forced to make a rush decision if they are not yet ready to purchase a camper. (Back )

**Trailer Show Discount Fine Print:

The Trailer Show Discount does not apply to previous purchases.

This discount applies to additional options and accessories not listed as "standard features" for Roberts Sales campers of a given model..

Roberts Sales must be notified of all options to be installed on the trailer by April 1st of the current year for the discount to apply. The only exception to this is if April 1st lands on a Sunday, in which case the discount applies until April 2nd.

Although a signed contract and deposit on or before April 1st is required to secure the option discount, the camper itself does not need to be delivered by that date, especially if a camper needs to be ordered from the factory. We will figure out a delivery date that works for both of us.

There is no limit to the number of options that can be installed on a camper but the options must be installed on the same camper (i.e. if somebody orders, say, two A/Cs in hopes of giving/selling one to their neighbor, well, that's not cool--we're just trying to do something nice for our customers to say "thank you for your business'' and so that they can outfit their camper the way they would like at a bit of a discount.)

Roberts Sales reserves the right to refuse this discount to anybody who tries to take advantage of any loophole in this offer we didn't cover in the fine print. Let's keep it good, everybody. Thank you! (back )

***The list of "scheduled campers" includes campers we plan on taking to a show. Due to many factors beyond our control we cannot guarantee that a particular model will be at a certain show. Please call the week of the show for any questions regarding specific models on display at the show.

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2015 January Trailer Show

2015 January Trailer Show 2