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Updated on 8-13-22

Used 2020 Flagstaff 425M for sale on consignment - $16,095 - SOLD - Thank you!

183422 exterior

Includes a 3-way refrigerator, interior 2-burner stove, 19,000BTU furnace with automatic ignition, 20-gallon water tank, 6-gallon water heater, 20# propane tank, 2nd propane tank holder, heated mattresses, powered roof vent, roof rack, electric brakes, battery pack, overhead cabinet, bunk-end light with fan, dinette light, storage nets over both bunks. 2700 lbs.

183422 front view 183422 rear view 183422 galley 183422 fridge

183422 slide-out dinette 183422 seat 183422 console 183422 cabinets

183422 overhead cabinet 183422 down 183422 back side 1 183422 back side 2

183422 dents 183422 patch 183422 zipper 183422 off-door-side scratches


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* "EM" or "Early Model" indicates a camper that was built with the previous year's specifications and color schemes but then titled as the next year's model year. For example, an Early Model 2022 208 has the exact same features and color scheme as a 2021 208 but it was built after the 2021 model year had ended, technically. No changes made for the next "full-fledged" model year had been implemented yet; therefore, the only difference between the two is the year on the title. Why is this important?

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