Standard Features

For all new Roberts Sales Flagstaff camping trailers*

The factory brochure lists the following standard features. It's a long list of "brochure-talk" that may do more to confuse than inform. So, we've included our comments (in red) about the relative importance or benefit of each item.


  • 3-stage double-arm lifter posts - Nice, but the old single-arm posts worked just fine, too.
  • Fiberglass vacuum bonded radius roof with no center seam - "No center seam" is a long story, but a 1-piece roof is not a big deal. The roof is Fiberglass, that's the important part to know.
  • 5-piece sectionalized tent - VERY important: if one tent panel gets damaged or needs to be replaced for any reason that one panel zips out and zips back in. IF there's a problem in a one-piece tent the entire tent needs to be pulled out of the camper. That could turn a 30-minute job into a 3 hour job! Not to mention it would cost a LOT more to replace the full tent.
  • E-coat tubular steel Frame - Full-channel steel for the main two spars and the tongue, powder-coated, makes for a good frame.
  • Crank-down stabilizing jacks - Good stuff, especially when they're on all four corners.
  • 1-piece structure-wood floor - Nice that it's all one piece, but not a big deal.
  • Radial tires - MUCH better than bias tires. Don't ever opt for bias tires if radial tires are available.
  • Tent permanently attached on bunk ends and slide-out dinette end - Nice feature. It keeps the bed dry if you have to fold down in the rain. Also makes set-up and tear-down a bit easier.
  • Full-perimeter aluminum bed frames - As opposed to what? We've never seen a pop-up with a partial-perimeter bed frame. Pop-up campers have used this since at least the '60's.
  • Tinted vinyl windows - Very helpful. This helps keep the sun out of the camper. That's great when people want to sleep while the sun is up. Also, during the day, people inside the camper can see out of the windows without people outside the camper being able to see in--it's a nice privacy feature in busy campgrounds without having to use the curtains.
  • High-pressure laminate tables - It's a camper table. Plenty good.
  • Steel air conditioner reinforcement laminated in roof - Good if you want an air conditioner--in some brands visible support bars on the ceiling are necessary to hold an A/C, so it's nice that Flagstaff integrates theirs into the roof.
  • Dinette has 4" reversible cushions - Most seat cushions have vinyl on the underside--flip the vinyl to the top and the seat will be easier to clean if food, drink, or condiments end up on the seat. This feature is most beneficial to parents of toddlers!
  • Plywood bunk ends - Good choice; we could pull a "slick salesperson move" and tell you that some campers out there use OSB (oriented strand board) instead of stronger plywood, but I've never heard of an OSB bunk falling apart so why create manufactured trepidation? OSB is fine; plywood is stronger. We'll leave it at that.
  • Lower door operational in closed position - The travel door opens (kind of) so you can get into the camper while the roof is down. This is a very good thing.
  • 2000 lb. tongue jack with swivel wheel - Good. Not much to say here.
  • 1-piece high density polyethylene wheel wells - Metal wheel wells are stronger, of course, but they're also noisier and more expensive. Just like toys, plastic ones are more economical than metal ones nowadays.
  • Spare tire, bracket, and cover - Good to have.
  • Entry step - Also good to have.
  • A/C wiring kit - Only important if you want an air conditioner; can also be ordered separately later.
  • Electric brakes** - Good to have, but usually not necessary on the smaller campers (unless your tow vehicle's manufacturer/owner's manual says brakes are mandatory).
  • Wood drawers with metal guides - MUCH better than the plastic track-holder system used many years ago.


  • Group 27 battery pack - The factory uses a Group 24 battery box; we put on a Group 27 battery box (and include the battery) because the extra power is worth the nominal extra price.
  • Built-in stove** - Good stove; nice power on it for a camper.
  • LP leak detector - Good, but also annoying when it gives a false alarm or low-battery warning.
  • Carbon Monoxide detector - Good.
  • Safety switch automatically turns off ceiling lights and furnace when roof is closed - Good for the sake of convenience but not that big of a deal.
  • Powered ceiling fan** - Great fan, moves a lot of air, nice on a hot day. Runs on 12V!
  • Suburban 19,000 BTU forced-air furnace - Great heater, warms up the camper in short order.
  • 20-gallon water tank under-floor** - Physically a "20-gallon tank" but because of how it is shaped (wide and short, under the camper floor), you can't get a full 20-gallons out of it. Some air space will be left at the top of the tank.
  • Shur-flo 3.0 GPM Revolution water pump - It's a good pump; plenty of power.
    shur-flo 3gpm water pump
  • Water filter on shower and hot-water models - This is a very good filter but it also decreases water pressure at the faucet--some people use it and some leave the filter out--purely a personal-choice.
  • Power converter with built-in battery charger - Very handy for recharging the battery after a long trip.


  • Powder-coated rafter poles and bed bows - Nice feature; better than bare metal.
  • Residential-style raised-panel cabinet doors - Nice feature; not a biggie, though.
  • Roof Valance** - Admittedly this is just a fringe of fabric around the ceiling but it's surprising how it's absence affects the overall look of the camper interior. Also, the valance provides a slight echo/sound-deadening benefit.
  • Privacy curtains - Nice feature.

* (back ) Excluding T Series ; the differing T-Series features are:

  • 10,000 BTU Cool Cat Heat Pump/Air Conditioner - Good stuff but must run on 110V.
  • Large rear-roof sky light with shade - Nice feature (and helps with head room).
  • 2 front roof tinted windows with shades - Nice (also helps with head room).
  • Large, opening picture window - Nice.

**Excluding LTD series; the differing LTD features are:

  • Stove that can be used inside or outside -Very handy, especially to keep the inside of the camper cool on a hot day.
  • Standard (non-powered) roof vent - Good to have but opening a few windows works, too.
  • 10-gallon water tank above floor - Nice tank; 10 gallons lasts longer than you might think, depending on usage of course; being above the floor takes up some space the 20-gallon tank doesn't.
  • Electric brakes are optional*** - The 8' and 10' campers didn't need brakes for many, many years. If a tow vehicle's capacity guidelines require brakes, that's fine, but brakes on this trailer size are not mandatory. ***The 12' box 228LTD comes with electric brakes.

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