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Shipping & Handling

Shipping charges are based on the size and weight of the parts being shipped. We use the US Postal Service and UPS to ship parts. USPS is better for almost all packages; UPS is sometimes better for heavier packages.

The shipping charge is whatever USPS or UPS charges to ship the box plus $2-$4 handling. For most parts the handling fee is $2 but for larger parts (like stoves and awnings) the handling charge is $4.
So, shipping =
the actual charge from USPS or UPS + $2-4 handling.

Example: a fridge vent weighs 2 lbs. 3 oz. and fits in a box measuring 20 x 10 x 4. USPS 2-day priority is $13.70* to Las Vegas, Nevada. Handling is $2 so the shipping & handling total is $15.70.

The same package to Syracuse, New York costs $17.90 for a total shipping/handling charge of $19.90. UPS Ground for the same package would be $20.31 shipping (total of $22.21) and take 3 days.)


Please allow about two weeks for in-stock parts to be shipped. "If the parts are in stock, why does it take so long to ship?" Our main business involves renting and selling pop-up campers. We try to help customers get parts they cannot get otherwise, but parts are not our primary business. Our rental and sales customers must come first or we'd have to close down and then nobody gets parts (or rentals, sales, or service). Given a finite amount of time in the day, sometimes parts orders wait until our primary business is handled.

Some of the parts we carry can be found online with retailers who offer faster--or even discounted--shipping. Also Forest River's pop-up division sells parts directly to retail customers. Their number is 574-642-2640. We encourage anyone who cannot abide by our shipping policy to utilize these alternative resources.

For parts that we do not regularly stock the wait time may increase to a month--or longer . (Why so long? Please see below.)

Please understand we have no control over when out-of-stock or special-order parts will arrive from the factory or distributor. In some cases it may take several months to get special-order parts. If time is a concern please let us know and we will give you as much information as possible to help you make a decision regarding ordering parts. Thank you.

In-State (Colorado) Shipping

In July 2022 Colorado added a "Retail Delivery Fee" to purchases made by Colorado residents to Colorado businesses who use any form of motor vehicle to deliver the purchase. This includes third-party delivery trucks. So if we ship a part from our store to your Colorado address this fee applies. In-store pick-up does not incur this fee. As always, sales tax also applies.

As of July 1, 2023 the Retail Delivery Fee is $0.28

International Shipping

We ship internationally but please be aware that the shipping charge can be very expensive.

To avoid high international shipping charges we suggest contacting a Canadian Flagstaff dealer for parts. Otherwise, we are happy to ship parts to you if you are okay with the postage being whatever it ends up being. We will not know the actual shipping charges until a parts order is pulled from our warehouse, packed up, weighed, and then entered into UPS or USPS' system. We will not start that process until an order is actually placed.**


Returned parts are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Returned parts that show signs of abuse, wear, or are otherwise not in the same condition as when they were sent are not eligible for a refund. Any shipping charges regarding returned parts are the customer's responsibility.***

We're sorry for the stringent rule, but apparently it is necessary to add that electrical parts and parts used in the water or waste system are not returnable.

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Shipping FAQ

"Why does your shipping cost so much?"

One reason is that we are not a high-volume online retailer that can negotiate discounted shipping rates with shipping providers. Another reason is that we don't build shipping charges into our parts prices to make our shipping fee look better; we have many walk-in customers who would end up paying more than they should with that type of artificially-inflated price.

"So I'm paying $10 shipping for a $6 part?" In some cases, yes. But consider this: in one instance a certain part from us cost $6 while another dealer in town charged $18 for the exact same part. Maybe they offered lower or "free" shipping and handling; we don't know. But we'd rather keep our parts' prices as low as possible and keep shipping charges what they actually are instead of increasing our parts prices so we can offer so-called "discounted" shipping.

"Why does it take so long to get special-order parts?"

There are many factors involved but mostly it's an issue of supply and demand; some parts have little demand so they have an equally small supply or we cannot feasibly stock them. We understand it can be frustrating waiting for parts--it's frustrating for us, too--but shortages and back-orders are simply a reality with RV parts sometimes. We have several distributors for many parts but some are only available from Forest River and we have no control over when parts will arrive.

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"I need the part ASAP and you have it in stock--can you ship it today?!"

Sometimes we can but probably not, sorry. We ship parts to help when someone's local dealership does not have a part or will not order a part for them (which is too often the case), but parts are not our main business; we want to help everybody if we can (and to that end we want to ship out parts as quickly as possible), but we are a small company and our rental and sales customers must take priority over parts orders in order for us to stay in business.

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We make every effort to ship parts as quickly and economically as possible, but huge online retailers have made some of us accustomed to same-day shipping and free or discounted shipping and that business model does not necessarily apply to every industry or small business. We appreciate our customers who understand our policies regarding parts and we will do our best to get our customers the parts they need. Thank you!

*This is in May 2022. Shipping prices seem to increase more often than they used to. We're sorry, but that's out of our control. (Up )

**We know it's not optimal customer service to not know the actual shipping charge, but on too many occasions we have gone through the aforementioned process of pulling, packing, weighing, and entering a parts order into the system to get the exact shipping charge, only to have the customer cancel the order due to high shipping costs. At the risk of sounding like a broken record player, we have no control over shipping charges.

***The return policy seems a bit harsh. Unfortunately a few bad apples spoiled things for everybody else. (Up )

****We don't intend to update these prices on a regular basis; we're providing them strictly as examples so our customers better understand what to expect with regard to shipping costs.

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