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2023 Model Year Price List - (obsolete)


The 2023 Price List is available online at All Models on One Page and in pdf format here:

2023 tent camper price list (80k)

Electric Brakes Now Standard


Electric brakes are now standard on all Flagstaff tent campers (starting with the 2023 model year). The 176LTD and 206LTD (and our 176ED and 206LT) use 7" drum brakes while all other campers use 10" drum brakes.

2022 Model Year Price List - version 2 - (obsolete)


An updated 2022 Price List is available online at All Models on One Page and in pdf format here:


Bed Lock Latch Change


Flagstaff discontinued the "bed lock latch" that keeps the bed from sliding back into the camper box during set-up.

bed lock latch discontinued

Flagstaff and Rockwood's 2022 models now use a "bed lock glide".

bed lock glide for Flagstaff and Rockwood tent campers

Here's more information about the Bed Lock Latch Situation.

2022 Brochure


The 2022 Brochure is available to download here:

2022 Flagstaff Tent Camper Brochure (13.3m)

Minor Website Menu Change


The main menu's first tab now says "FLOOR PLANS" instead of "2021 Models".

minor menu change

Rather than change the main menu's first tab every year (2021, 2022, 2023, etc.), we're going with "Floor Plans" because, well, those are the floor plans that Flagstaff currently offers.

Also, because of the Early Model situation, the available floor plans could be different from year to year, based on whether it's an early model or a full-fledged model year camper.

2022 Model Year Price List - (obsolete)


[UPDATE - A new price list is in effect as of 3-2-22]

The 2022 Price List is available online at All Models on One Page and in pdf format here:


Model Discontinuations -- Covid Edition


Camper delivery delays continue with plethora issues plaguing the factory, including parts and worker/driver shortages. In an attempt to speed up production by streamlining the number of models offered, Flagstaff has stopped taking orders* for the following six models:

*(It's our understanding that the factory will build these models in their backlog of orders, but otherwise they have been discontinued)

627M - The MAC series loses their only 14' interior, leaving Flagstaff with just the HW27KS at the 14' size.

627M discontinuation

28TSCSE - First as the BR28TSC and then the 28TSCSE, this layout had a good 15 year run. However, the "28"--as a double-toy-hauler pop-up and at over 26' when closed--took an exorbitant amount of time to configure the factory for its production. This, coupled with a more specialized utility that resulted in low sales numbers, sealed its fate.

28TSCSE discontinuation

T12RB - This one hurts a bit more than the others because the T12RB was one of the original floorplans when Flagstaff introduced the T-series back in 2011. It's a great layout in small package. It's also been a steadfast seller through the years and was the only remaining T-series without a storage trunk. For anyone wanting a relatively light and nimble a-frame, this was the go-to model. We understand the surviving T12RBST offers more storage with the trunk, but it's too bad they couldn't both carry on.

T12RB discontinuation

T12RBTH - This was the only T-series with a 4 1/2' deck on the front. It never really took off like expected, despite it's unique features.

T12RBTH discontinuation

T21FSHW - It's neat when Flagstaff tries new things. Like a camper without a dinette. It's also understandable when those new things don't work out.


T21TBHWOR - Oh, T21TBHWOR, we barely knew thee. This was a great idea but a late 2020 introduction was just bad timing. Maybe in the future this excellent model will get a second chance (and a better/shorter model name).

T21TBHWOR discontinuation

Updated Price List


Flagstaff recently updated their camper pricing. Usually the mid-season increase is relatively minor but due to increased costs on basically everything to build and deliver the campers, the increases are quite a bit steeper than usual.

New pricing available at All Models on One Page

228LTD Details


Our first 228LTD arrived and it's mostly the same layout as the 228 but with several differing features. Here is a comparison between the 228LTD and the 228:

228LTD vs. 228 comparison

2021 Flagstaff 228LTD
228 (discontinued)
Interior/exterior 2-burner stove
Interior 3-burner stove & exterior grill
Exterior prep table optional
Exterior prep table optional
Queen bed in the front
"Camper King" bed in the front
74" long gaucho/bed
70" long gaucho/bed
Table leaf optional
Table leaf standard
Standard roof vent
Powered roof vent
Overhead cabinet optional
Overhead cabinet standard
10-gallon water tank
20-gallon water tank
Hot water optional (Roberts Sales' installation)
Hot water standard from factory (2016+)
Hinged galley (sink flips up-side down)
Swing-level galley (sink stays upright)
Roof LED light optional
Roof LED light standard (2016+)
Roof rack optional
Roof rack standard (2018+)
Valance optional
Valance standard
No interior shower/cassette toilet option
Interior shower/cassette toilet optional

The front body panel is also different between the 228LTD and the 228. The 228LTD uses the LTD series front panel, which meets the frame at a 45 angle. The 228 used the 2012+ MAC series front panel, which has a curve along the entire panel.

Flagstaff 228LTD front body panel versus the 228 front panel

This results in a shorter frame on the 228LTD (and steps on the inside where those angles occur), while the 228 had a longer frame and more floorspace.

We're glad the 228 layout has been preserved as the 228LTD, but we're going to miss the standard hot water package with exterior shower--that was a nice bonus. However, the LTD price is itself a nice bonus and this is the first time a 12' box has been available in the LTD series.

Pictures of the 228LTD and more details are available on the 228LTD model page.

2021 Flagstaff Brochure Released


Flagstaff's online 2021 pop-up brochure is (finally) available. It's a massive 15.8M download, but that's as far as it would compress, apparently. We're still waiting on the printed versions.

Click the brochure thumbnail to download:

2021 Flagstaff pop-up brochure

P.S. The brochure lists the 228SE as "228SE". Flagstaff also updated their website to say "228SE" so it looks like the "228E" mentioned below was just a typo. Good to know!

228SE Update


Flagstaff's website now lists the 228SE as the "228E" with a slightly different layout inside (a longer couch) and an enclosed storage trunk added to the front. However, the graphic file for this model still says "228SE" so we're not sure about the model name, but the storage trunk has been confirmed.

Presumably when the factory brochure is released or when we actually receive our order for this model and see the sticker on the camper in person, we'll know which model name won out. For now, we're going to stick with "228SE".

2021 Flagstaff 228SE or 228E

COVID-19 Complications


COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on our world, and it continues to affect the RV industry.

The extreme demand for RVs currently outweighs the industry's abilty to supply them. Increased production does not help much because raw materials and parts are also scarce at the moment. Flagstaff/Rockwood is experiencing an unprecedented back-log of camper orders. Orders placed now may be delayed by as much as six months.

New Models for 2021



The 206LTD layout comes to the MAC series (and with a front storage trunk) as the 206M. This is the only 10' MAC camper with a storage trunk and will be a nice MAC complement to the 206STSE.

Flagstaff 206M layout

(An update for the 228SE is available above on 1-13-21)


A version of the 228D will now be in the Sports Enthusiast Series as the 228SE. The 228SE has a 60" sofa/bed and a small cabinet area whereas the 228D has a 70" gaucho/bed but otherwise the layout looks the same.

The model name is a bit odd because "228SE" makes it sound like this model is a Sports Enthusiast version of the 228, which it is not. It's an SE version of the 228D. "228DSE" would have been less confusing, but then again Flagstaff nomenclature isn't exactly teeming with clarity.

Flagstaf 228SE layout - early floor plan

Like most 228 variants the 228SE with also have an interior shower/cassette toilet option; the aptly named 228SE with shower.

Flagstaff 228SE with shower


The T21TBHWOR uses the T12TBHW interior with the exception of the cassette toilet; in its place is a full dinette (as opposed to the 3/4 dinette with toilet). It also has a lifted frame and 15" Mud and Snow tires.

With the raised frame and 15" M+S tires it's reminiscent of the T21TBHWSE, but the T21TBHWOR has a front dormer where the T21TBHWSE did not.

Flagstaff T21TBHWOR

Feature Changes for 2021

High Wall Shower Shells

The High Wall Campers will no longer have hard sides on the shower area. This is not a big loss since the hard sides weren't water-tight so the shower area needed a curtain anyway to contain water. The hard sides provided a modicum of privacy but the shower curtain and/or divider curtain can still provide that service.

Sports Enthusiast Solar Panels

Flagstaff added a 100-watt solar panel to the SE roofs. The placement leaves a little to be desired since a cargo carrier could block a portion of the panel, but if an air conditioner is installed there's really no other place for the panel to go. So... sometimes compromise is the name of the game.

2021 Model Year Price List - (obsolete)

[UPDATE - A new price list is in effect as of 6-23-21]


The 2021 Price List is available online at All Models on One Page and in pdf format here:

2021 Price List pdf (80k)

Goodbye 228, Hello 228LTD


After 23 years, the venerable 228 has been discontinued, sort of*. Technically Flagstaff discontinued the model last year but we were able to special-order a batch of 228s for 2020. Unfortunately with the factory's supply problems due to COVID-19 closures and the massive backlog of campers they have to work through, Flagstaff will not be able to special-build the 228 for us for 2021.

228 layout

*Although the 228 has been discontinued as a MAC camper, Flagstaff is going to preserve the 228 layout in a new model called the "228LTD". No word yet if the 228LTD is going to have all of the LTD features like 12" wheels, a 10-gallon water tank, standard roof vent, in/out stove, hinged galley, etc. or if it will be a hybrid between MAC and LTD. Stay tuned.

(We have a 228LTD on order and will update What's New as soon as we see it in person.)

Discontinued Models


205 - Forest River has discontinued the 205 for real, this time. We acknowledge it served a certain purpose, but for the lack of storage and quiestionable layout, this isn't a major loss.

205 layout

However, now the smallest Flagstaff pop-up with an interior shower/cassette toilet is the 228D with shower. That's a pretty big jump in size. It would be nice if Flagstaff still offered a 12' box (without a slide-out) that also had a toilet/shower combo.

176SE - The 176SE has also been discontinued, leaving the 207SE as the smallest Sports Enthusiast Camper. If you need an 8' box and you want extra clearance, we can add a lift kit and larger tires to the 176LTD or our 176 to mimic the clearance of the 176SE (but with a much better interior layout, in our humble opinion).

176SE layout

T21QBHW - One other cut for the year is the T21QBHW, the first T21. Now all High Wall T-Series campers have a front dormer. This is a bummer since it was the first T21 and because it had a great layout, but the front dormers proved to be more enticing.

T21QBHW layout

Driveway Camping

5-1-2020 Campground closed? Try driveway camping! Blair Andersen sent us this picture of his 2020 Flagstaff 627M ready for some fine front yard adventures (and probably s'mores).

2020 Flagstaff 627M in the driveway!

Website Overhaul

11-20-2019 Our website required some major alterations due to Flagtsaff discontinuing the Classic Series and the Sports Enthusiast T-Series. Since we were making major changes anyway, we overhauled a few other parts, too. Here's a brief summary:

In the navigation bar, "New Sales" has been broken down into "2020 Models" (this is the former "New Sales" page with a breakdown of Flagstaff's pop-up and a-frame campers) and "New In Stock" showing our actual inventory of new campers. (And "New Campers In Stock"--formerly in the subnavigation menu--is now #2 in the main navigation bar.)

"What's New" is now in the green section under the main section of the navigation bar. We have "new news" so infrequently that having "What's New" at the top of the navigation bar seemed odd.

navigation bar overhaul illustration

We also split each part of the T-Series into its own page, especially since the Sports Enthusiast T Series is now discontinued. The regular, low-wall T-Series is still on its main page but we've moved the Sports Enthusiast T Series campers to its own page (and to the Archives) and the High Wall T Series gets its own page, too.

The new High Wall T Series quick-icon is on the main page now:

what's new icon intro

2020 Flagstaff Tent-Camper Brochure & Price List

11-11-2019 The 2020 factory brochure is available here:

2020 Flagstaff Tent Camper and T-Series Brochure (big pdf)

The 2020 Price List is available online at All Models on One Page and in pdf format here: - (obsolete)

2020 Price List pdf (79k)

205 Check-In

11-10-2019 As of today, the 205 is still not cancelled. Keep camping and carry on, 205.

205 Not Cancelled

9-19-2019 We've received news from Flagstaff that the 205 has not been cancelled.

205 Cancelled

9-9-2019 We've received news from Flagstaff that the 205 has been cancelled.

2020 Model Year Clarification

8-30-2019 Our update from July 26th stated that all T-series Sports Enthusiast campers have been discontinued. While this is mostly true, the T12RBTHSE survived as a regular T-Series camper called the T12RBTH.

2020 Model Year Line-up Changes

7-26-2019 For the 2020 model year, Flagstaff will implement a major overhaul of their line-up:

  • Most significantly, the Classic Series has been discontinued. The 425D and 627D layouts live on as MAC campers named the "425M" and "627M", respectively. The switch to the MAC series means the 425 and 627 will now have 1.9 cu.ft. refrigerators, leaf-sping suspension, no overhead wardrobe, no clothes rack, no stereo, no innerspring mattress, and the power lift system will be optional.
  • All Sports Enthusiast T-Series (a-frame) campers have been discontinued. The Sports Enthusiast tent campers are still alive and well, but the SE T-Series is gone. We still have a few of the Sports Enthusiast T-series campers in stock, but once they are gone, they're gone for good.
  • The HW27SC has been discontinued.
  • A new High Wall T-Series camper called the "T21FSHW" will be added to the 2020 line-up. "FS" stands for "Front Sofa"--instead of a dinette table in the front of the camper interior there will be a sofa; hence: Front Sofa. We'll post a floor plan and any other details as we receive them.

2019 Price List

1-3-2019 A printable version of the 2019 Price List (with Series Comparison on the back) is available here: - (obsolete)

2019 Price List (110kb)

2019 Flagstaff Tent-Camper Brochure

10-30-2018 The 2019 factory brochure is available here:

2019 Flagstaff Tent Camper and T-Series Brochure (big pdf)

Five Shades of Gray --2019 Flagstaff color schemes

9-15-2018 After a three-year foray into tan exteriors and the use of earth-tone interiors since its inception, Flagstaff has gone mostly monochromatic for the 2019 model year.

Flagstaff returns their Classic and High Wall tent campers to the bright white and black trim last seen in 2015. The tent remains the same as last year with a bronze and green accent:

2019 Flagstaff Classic and High Wall exterior

The Classic and High Wall tent camper interior now has gray cabinetry and a white marbled laminate:

2019 Flagstaff High Wall interior color scheme

The Classic A-frame also gains a white exterior with black trim and also a gray accent at the bottom:

2019 Flagstaff Classic T-series a-frame exterior

The interior shares the gray cabinetry and white marbled counters of the Classic and High Wall tent campers:

2019 Flagstaff Classic T-series interior color scheme

2019 Flagstaff Classic T-series interior colors

The LTD and MAC series joins the Sports Enthusiast tent campers with a dark gray exterior:

2019 Flagstaff MAC exterior color scheme

The LTD and MAC interior now has gray floor and a suede-ey gray fabric for the cushions:

2019 Flagstaff LTD and MAC interior color scheme

2019 Flagstaff LTD and MAC flooring

The Sports Enthusiast T-series gets a gray body several shades lighter than the one used in 2018.

2019 Flagstaff T-series exterior color scheme

The 2019 Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast Series T-Series and tent campers exhibit the most stark contrast from the previous years' color scheme with bright white cabinetry, the zebra-style flooring now found in the LTD and MAC campers, and gray suede-ish fabric for the cushions.

2019 Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast T-series interior color scheme

2019 Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast T-series interior color scheme 2

2019 Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast tent camper interior

2019 Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast tent camper dinette color scheme

The Sports Enthusiast tent camper exterior is the only hold-over from 2018. The tent and body color scheme stay the same as last year:

2019 Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast exterior color scheme

2019 Model Year Line-up Changes

7-17-2018 For the 2019 model year the T12BH will no longer be available. Instead the T12BH will join the Sports Enthusiast T-Series as the T12BHSE. It will retain its front dormer, making the T12BHSE the only SE T-series with a dormer.

The T19QBHW and T21FKHW have been discontinued for the 2019 model year. The T21TBHW and T21DMHW remain the only High Wall T-series models with the front dormer.

The T19QBHW was the last 12' High-Wall T-Series camper Flagstaff had in its line-up. All other T-series High Walls have a 14' body.

Early Model 2018 Flagstaff T19QBHW

Spring Price Increase

4-14-2018 Flagstaff is well into production of Early Model 2019 campers and with that comes a slight price increase. In most cases this amounts to an increase of $300-400.

In the case of the 176SE, Flagstaff finally realized the 176SE has been under-priced since its inception (compared to other Sports Enthusiast campers and the regular 176). So it received the largest price jump--from $9295 to $9995. It's still an excellent value for all the extra SE features it has over a standard 176 or 176LTD, but all of them sold before now were an even better bargain.

For our part, we have two 176SEs that were already in stock before the price increase was announced, so those stay at their initial price. Both of them are available (as of today) and are listed at New Campers In Stock.

Here's a printable copy of the new price list: - (obsolete)

2018 price increase (78.8kb)

Wi-Fi Ranger

1-15-2018 Most Flagstaff campers (all except the LTD Series, 206LT, and 176) now include a "Wi-Fi Ranger" that boosts the wi-fi signal if a wi-fi signal is already present in an area. The antennae mounts to the roof of the camper.

wi-fi ranger

This may be helpful in a campsite where the campground has a distant wi-fi signal (like at the campground office only).

Then again, some people go camping to get away from electronic signals...

Nice Tan!

1-3-2018 All 2018 non-Sports Enthusiast models now have a tan body (as opposed to the cream body of the 2017s). The Sports Enthusiast series and the 176 retain their gray bodies.

2018 Flagstaff tan exterior

Introducing the 2018 Flagstaff T21TBHWSE

11-17-2017 We received our first T21TBHWSE. It's based on the T21TBHW but in the Sports Enthusiast trim, no interior cassette toilet, and with no dormer. The result is an easy to set up, high-clearance camper with lots of seating and sleeping room (for a T-series camper, of course).

2018 Flagstaff T21TBHWSE

2018 Flagstaff T21TBHWSE front view 2018 Flagstaff T21TBHWSE rear view 2018 Flagstaff T21TBHWSE galley 2018 Flagstaff T21TBHWSE dinette bed

2018 Price List

11-9-2017 A printable version of our 2018 Price List (with Series Comparison on the back) is now available: - (obsolete)

2018 Price List (109kb)

Flagstaff 205 layout change

11-7-2017 From 2002 through 2017, the 205's cassette toilet was positioned across from the entryway into the camper. This created a bottleneck between the galley/dinette area and the rest of the camper. This problem was most evident when cooking because the galley is on the opposite end of the trailer from the refrigerator, so retrieving things from the fridge or returning leftovers to the fridge meant moving across the camper, past the bottleneck, every time.

205 bottleneck problem

For 2018 Flagstaff moved the cassette toilet/shower combo to the front corner of the box and the cabinet moved between the cassette and galley. It may seem like a minor change but those extra few inches of space between the dinette corner and cabinet may make a difference in whether or not someone bangs their knee on the furniture.

Plus, it's nice to have the toilet/shower tucked away in the corner instead of being--honestly--too close to the galley and dinette. Yes, it's just two feet away from it's previous position but in a ten-foot camper, two feet is a pretty significant move.

Here's the new "non-bottleneck version 205" layout:

2018 Flagstaff 205 bottleneck fix

2018 Flagstaff Brochure

11-1-2017 The 2018 factory brochure is now available.

2018 Flagstaff Tent Camper and T-Series Brochure (big pdf)

2018 T21TBHW dormer

9-9-17 Flagstaff added a front dormer to the T21TBHW for the 2018 model year. Here's a picture of a front dormer:

front dormer example

( This is a 2016 T21FKHW but we're including it here to show what the front dormer looks like.)

2018 T21TBHWSE Introduction

9-9-17 Flagstaff has announced its first 14' box Sports Enthusiast T-series camper, called the T21TBHWSE (...expialidocious). It uses the T21TBHW layout with one key difference: the cassette toilet has been replaced by dinette seating.

2018 Flagstaff T21TBHWSE floorplan

Now instead of a 30" x 80" front bed the dinette folds down into a 50" x 80" bed.

Like the T21TBHW the SE version retains the ability to have two separate beds in the back or--by adding the middle cushion panel--turn the rear sleeping area into a king-size bed.

2018 Flagstaff T21TBHSE in three-bed layout 2018 Flagstaff T21TBHSE in two-bed layout

It also has the Sports Enthusiast package which--for the T-series--includes a raised frame, 15" wheels with mud + snow tires, the grayish "driftwood" interior, and a gray exterior with deck-plating.

Unlike the upcoming 2018 model year T21TBHW, the T21TBHWSE will not have a front dormer. We'll add pictures as soon as we receive our first T21TBHWSE. (Update 11-9-17: pictures are now available on the T21TBHSWSE model page.)

228BHSE tongue configuration change

6-29-17 The 228BHSE and 228BHSE with shower now comes standard with dual propane tanks and an automatic regulator. While extra propane is a nice bonus, the second propane tank goes where the battery pack used to reside. Consequently Flagstaff moved the battery pack to the bike hauler metal deck area. Here is new configuration:

228BHSE tongue configuration 2017

228BHSE tongue configuration

New Camper Price Increases

4-27-17 The irritating but sometimes necessary mid-year price increase information arrived from Flagstaff. We will honor the current prices listed on our brochure pages for all orders (with deposit) through May 10th. And, of course, any campers already in stock retain their original price.

The following sheet contains the new pricing that will go into effect May 11th. (The price increase for each model is listed in red.) - (obsolete)

2017 price increase notice

Brochure Corrections

3-7-17 The 2017 Flagstaff brochure has some errors we'd like to address.

Page 2-3 - Early printings of the 2017 brochure used a dark and blurry picture of the 228. Later printings used a much better picture, but the model shown is the 228D. (The "228" label was not changed when the photo was changed.)

Page 5 - The "Box Size" of the 176SE is listed as 8' 4". The actual interior dimension is 8' 2".

Page 5 - The "Trailer Size (Closed w/ Hitch)" of the 206STSE is listed as 17' 11". The actual dimension from tongue to the back of the spare tire is 17' 2".

T12BH dormer

2-14-17 The 2017 Flagstaff T12BH now has a dormer. The floor-plan, appliances, and metal deck on the front remain the same as in previous years, but how there's a bit more head-room and an open-able window in the front.

2017 Flagstaff T12BH exterior with dormer

2017 Flagstaff T12BH dormer interior view 2017 Flagstaff T12BH dormer ceiling view

176 color change

12-29-16 We special-ordered the 176 again for 2017 and asked Flagstaff if they would use the cool gray exterior on the 176 like they do on the Sports Enthusiast campers. Flagstaff agreed, so 2017 176s have a gray exterior. However, that are not full-fledged Sports Enthusiast campers so they do not have the higher suspension, 15" wheels, or stereo system.

2017 Flagstaff 176 with gray exterior

2017 Flagstaff 176 interior front view 2017 Flagstaff 176 interior rear view 2017 Flagstaff 176 interior galley

Fixing the 823D problem - the 2017 Flagstaff 825D

12-17-16 Since Flagstaff changed the 823D layout for 2017, the only four-bed campers in the Classic Series also include an interior shower/cassette toilet (625D and 627D). The old 823D with a slide-out dinette, four beds, and no interior toilet had a great layout and was very popular for us, so we talked to the factory about an alternative.

Flagstaff agreed to build a limited number of 625Ds without the interior shower/cassette toilet for us. These will have the same layout as the 825D built from 2002-2006. In fact, we're going to call them the "825D". They are on order now and should be here in the first part of 2017. We'll provide full specs and pictures for the 2017 Flagstaff 825D as soon as they arrive.

2017 Flagstaff 825D

The 823D problem

12-15-16 Flagstaff reconfigured the 2017 823D to a near-425D layout. Like the 425D, the 823D now has a front door-side corner seat and rear off-door-side galley. Instead of a bay window on the rear door-side like the 425D, the 823D now has a large exterior baggage door that opens to reveal a college-dorm-style cube fridge (like the 627D).

2017 Flagstaff 823D layout Flagstaff 425D layout

The problem with the new 823D layout concerns only having three beds. The main draw to the 823D was its four-beds--in a Classic--without an interior shower. The new layout adds a cube fridge (110V-only, so the camper must be plugged in to shore power or running a generator) and extra counter space--but at the cost of the fourth bed.

2017 Flagstaff 823D with only three beds 1999-2016 Flagstaff 823D with four beds

2017 Flagstaff Brochure

12-14-2016 The 2017 factory brochure is available to peruse and download.

2017 Flagstaff Tent Camper and T-Series Brochure (big pdf)

Sports Enthusiast T-Series

8-30-2016 Our first T12RBSSE and T12RBTHSE arrived so we've added pictures to the T12RBSSE model page and the T12RBTHSE model page.

2017 Flagstaff T21FKHW exterior view

2017 Flagstaff T12RBTHSE exterior

T21FKHW photos now available

8-24-2016 Our first T21FKHW arrived so we've added pictures to the T21FKHW model page.

2017 Flagstaff T21FKHW exterior view

A new dormer T-series, The T21FKHW

7-23-2016 Flagstaff is adding a "Front Kitchen" to their T-series lineup. The T21FKHW is basically the T21DMHW layout but with cabinetry and counter-tops in place of the shower/cassette toilet. It also has a counter on the front end of the camper interior which creates a "U"-shaped galley area.

2017 Flagstaff T21FKHW layout

This is a dormer unit, so the camper will look similar to the T21DMHW exterior shown here:

Flagstaff dormer T-series example

Thank you, Happy Camper RV Sales!

6-24-2016 Three of our rental campers were damaged beyond immediate repair this season. We typically have a spare camper or two to account for situations like this but three badly-damaged campers in one month is highly unusual and left us in a jam.

Flagstaff didn't have any campers available (at least in the models we rent). We tried to find campers locally but several Colorado Flagstaff dealers couldn't sell us a camper due to their limited inventory (completely understandable). One other big RV dealership wouldn't even return our call.

After an ever-widening search of dealers in Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Arizona, and Utah, we found three 206LTDs at Happy Camper RV Sales in Garden City (Boise), Idaho. One phone call was all it took to get everything in motion.

John and JR at Happy Camper set us up with three new 206LTDs right away and were a pleasure to work with. So thank you, Happy Camper, for all of your help--we greatly appreciate it!


More Discontinuations and Two Upgrades

6-8-2016 Flagstaff is trimming their model line-up by another seven campers. In addition to the 228BH and 228BH with shower mentioned yesterday, these models will no longer be available:

Frankly, this was necessary. For the 2016 model year Flagstaff built 41 models--and that's just their pop-up trailers. There was too much overlap between certain models and Flagstaff's line-up was starting to look bloated. It was nice of Flagstaff/Rockwood to try to offer as many varieties of pop-up camper as possible, but it also bogged down the production cycle and created delays in getting campers from the factory. In this case a more streamlined production line is a good thing.

The T12RBTH and T12RBSOR are still available but will be upgraded to the Sports Enthusiast series for 2017. These models already have the lift kit, 15" wheels with mud tires, and stereo, so we assume this means the only change will be the addition of the cool gray exterior and "Driftwood" interior.

228BH and 228BH with Shower Discontinued

6-7-2016 The 228BH and 228BH with shower have been discontinued.

Discontinued Flagstaff 228BH Discontinued Flagstaff 228BH with shower

The closest remaining models to the 228BH and 228BH with shower are in the Sports Enthusiast Series: the 228BHSE and 228BHSE with shower. They have the same 2' metal deck on the front and same layout inside, but with the Sports Enthusiast raised frame, 15" wheels with mud tires, stereo, roof rack, double-step, gray exterior, and "Driftwood" (mostly gray) interior.

Flagstaff 228BHSE Flagstaff 228BHSE with shower

In the MAC Series the closest two models to the outgoing campers are the 228 and 228 with shower. They have identical interiors to the 228BH and 228BH with shower but they lack the "BH" (2' metal Bike Hauler) on the front.

Flagstaff 228\ Flagstaff 228 with shower

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Rental 228 hot water package

12-16-2015 Beginning Summer 2016, our rental 228 campers will come with a hot water package. This includes a 6-gallon water heater (with automatic ignition--flip a switch to start the water heater) and an exterior shower fixture.

2016 Flagstaff Brochure is here

12-12-2015 The 2016 factory brochure is available to download.

2016 Flagstaff Tent Camper and T-Series Brochure (big pdf)

Two new T-Series Campers

10-2-15 Flagstaff released two new T-series campers for 2016: the T21TBHW and the T21DMHW. Both have a 14' interior and storage trunk on the front.


2016 Flagstaff T21TBHW exterior view

The T21TBHW has three beds (a middle cushion section is available to make the two rear beds into a king bed) and a cassette toilet. More pictures and details available on the T21TBHW's model page.

2016 Flagstaff T21TBHW floorplan 2016 Flagstaff T21TBHW bed layout 1 2016 Flagstaff T21TBHW bed layout 2


The T21DMHW has a dormer on the front to accommodate a hard-wall shower/cassette toilet area. More pictures and details available on the T21DMHW's model page.

2016 Flagstaff T21DMHW exterior

2016 Flagstaff T21DMHW layout 2016 Flagstaff T21DMHW bed layout

New exterior color

8-25-15 The 2016 T21TBHW and 206ST from the latest load have a new skin on the exterior. Flagstaff calls this color "oyster" but we guess that's just a fancy way of saying "off-white". One picture shows an early-model 2016 T-series behind the full-fledged 2016 T21TBHW but a better contrast comes from the side-wall picture where the baggage doors are polar white on the inside while the skin is off-white (sorry--"oyster").

2016 Flagstaff T21TBHW with oyster exterior

2016 Flagstaff 206ST with oyster skin

2015 vs. 2016 Flagstaff exterior skin

2016 Flagstaff T21TBHW exterior skin contrast

More Sports Enthusiast Series details

8-22-15 We received our first two Sports Enthusiast campers: a 206STSE and a 228BHSE.

2016 Flagstaff 206STSE exterior

2016 Flagstaff 228BHSE exterior

They look pretty cool; the gray exterior is sharp. The wood-patterned linoleum looks nice, too:

Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast wood-look flooring Sports Enthusiast wood flooring2

Sports Enthusiast wood lino3 Sports Enthusiast wood lino4

We usually don't get excited about "whistles and bells"-type additions (such as the stereo read-out changing colors) so we were skeptical about the new LED awning rail light. Then we plugged it in. Wow--it's actually pretty cool. It has a nice blue/purple tint.

Sports Enthusiast awning LED light

The exterior of all Sports Enthusiast campers have a spray-off hose:

Sports Enthusiast spray-off hose

In case anybody cares, here's the color-changing stereo face:

Sports Enthusiast stereo color change

Flagstaff Introduces the Sports Enthusiast Series

7-22-15 The Back Road series has been upgraded to the "Sports Enthusiast" series. In addition to new styling inside and out, the Sports Enthusiast campers feature a Digital Media Receiver (read: stereo with Bluetooth & USB port), ProRac Systems roof rack, a "Spray Away" utility hose, and "durable leather appearance seating".

The BR28TSC and BR23SC will now be the 28TSCSE and 23SCSE (say that ten times quickly!)

Three other MAC models will join the SE lineup: 206STSE, 207SE, 228BHSE (the 228BHSE with shower could be considered a fourth addition).

Flagstaff SE logo

Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast Series example

Promotional Brochure PDF:

Flagstaff SE introduction brochure thumbnail (pdf 3.2m)

New stereo for Classics

5-6-15 The latest Classic-trim campers (Classic Series, High Wall Series, and T-Series) now come with the Kenwood KDC-122U stereo. It has mostly the same specs (50W/channel, CD player, 1/8" jack, MP3/WMA/WAV) as the outgoing KDC-152 except the new 122U has a USB port on the right-hand side of the deck panel.

Kenwood KDC-122U stereo in a Flagstaff camper

USB Ports added

5-4-15 The latest batch of Flagstaff campers to arrive (titled as "Early Model" 2016 campers) have a double-USB charger built in. Since the campers receiving the USB charger are 206LTDs--one of Flagstaff's entry level campers--we assume USB chargers are being added to all Flagstaff pop-ups.

Flagstaff's USB charger

New articles available

2-16-15 Two new articles are available on the Articles & Tutorials page: Tire Size Information and Flagstaff vs. Rockwood - What's the Difference?

Instruction manual

2-4-15 Forest River released a large PDF of their Camping Trailer Owner's Manual

Forest River camping trailer instruction manual (pdf, 13.4MB)

Glass tops

1-20-2015 The Flagstaff 823D now has a glass-top sink and stove (like the ones used in the T-Series T19QBHW).

2015 Flagstaff 823D galley

2015 Flagstaff 823D galley glass tops open

Note: The 425D has the same stove but retains the square sink.

Glass top, part II

The 627D (and low-wall T-series) also gets a glass top over the stove, though it is slightly bigger than the 823D's stove. (Shown here in the 625D):

2015 Flagstaff 625D glass stove top

Flagstaff Classic 625D and low-wall T-Series glass stove top

New shower curtain track

The Flagstaff 625D has a new shower curtain track for 2015. The hooks for the shower move along this track much more smoothly than the previous track system:

2015 Flagstaff 625D shower curtain track system

New Classic curtains

The Classic Series (excluding the 425D) and High Wall Series campers now have Roman-style shades covering the windows where the standard sliding curtains used to be. The privacy curtains covering the bed-ends remain standard curtains and the panels covering slide-out dinette windows remain zippered duck cloth.

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T21QBHW pictures

12-13-2014 Pictures of Flagstaff's new T21QBHW are now available on its individual model page.

2015 Flagstaff T21QBHW exterior view

2015 Flagstaff brochure ready

10-20-2014 The 2015 factory brochure is available to download.

2015 Flagstaff Tent Camper and T-Series Brochure (pdf)

UPDATE 12-8-14 We've noticed a few errors in the brochure:

Page 4, lower right-hand side - "The Zamp 40 amp. portable solar panel shown is sold separately." That should read "40 watts" as the ZAMP web site indicates.

Page 7, lower middle picture of the hanging wardrobe - This is an old picture of the four-shelf overhead wardrobe. The current overhead wardrobe has three shelves (since the fourth shelf hit the counter-top anyway).

Page 10, Floor plan layouts, "T19QBTH" - There's no such model. That's the layout diagram for a T19QBHW mislabeled as a "T19QBTH". The specifications call it "TH" as well when it's definitely a T19QBHW.

Lastly, the furnace is mislabeled as a 20,000 BTU furnace (as it is every year) when it's actually a 19,000 BTU furnace. (Further details on FAQ page)

T-Series enhancements

10-20-2014 The 2015 T-series campers now have pneumatic struts to help lower the roof in a more-controlled fashion.

Flagstaff T-Series strut

Also for 2015, the T21QBHW has a "powered roof assist" that lifts the roof with the push of a button.

Flagstaff T-Series powered lift system

Toy Hauler deck improvement

10-20-2014 The 2015 toy-hauler campers (BR23SC, BR28TSC, HW31SCTH, T12RBTH) now have a "toy lock" chain to help secure your toys.


Two T-Series campers introduced

8-25-2014 Flagstaff added two new T-Series campers to their 2015 line-up.

The first is a back-road version of the T12RBST called the T12RBSOR. It features the same interior as the T12RBST but with an elevated frame and larger tires.

T12RBSOR floor plan

The second addition is the T21QBHW and is Flagstaff's first a-frame camper with a 14' interior. The T21QBHW features a queen bed in the back, a large 50" dinette in the front, a front storage trunk, and the 4.0 cu.ft fridge found on all Flagstaff High Wall campers.

T21QBHW floor plan

Two T-Series Campers Discontinued

8-2-2014 After a brief one-year visit, the T12TST has been discontinued. The only remaining T-Series camper with a built-in toilet is the T19SCHW. As always, all other T-Series campers come with a not-bolted-in portable toilet.

Also going the way of the dodo is the T12SDTH. This leaves the T12RBTH as the only T-Series with a 4 1/2' metal deck on the front.

2014 Flagstaff Brochure ready

1-3-2014 The factory brochure is available to download.

2014 Flagstaff Tent Camper and T-Series Brochure

The Return of the 176

1-2-2014 After a three year hiatus the 176ED floor plan is back as an exclusive model for Roberts Sales. Flagstaff agreed to special-build several loads of the 176ED floor plan for us so we could offer an alternate 8' camper to the 176LTD. The "ED" has been dropped so the official name is the Flagstaff 176.

The 176 offers the largest dinette of any Flagstaff model (including the High Wall Series and all Flagstaff slide-out dinettes!) which allows for three 80" long beds. It is also a full-fledged MAC series camper so it comes with a 20-gallon water tank, inside stove and outside grill, prep table, 13" wheels with electric brakes, a swing-level galley, one-piece door, roof valance, and a powered roof vent.

We're also excited to bring the 176 back to our rental program. Starting this Spring we'll have the Rental 176 available for $360 per week.

New 2014 Flagstaff 176 floor plan

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T19QBHW Introduced

11-29-2013 Flagstaff added a second High Wall T-Series to their line-up: the T19QBHW. It's the only T-Series camper with a queen bed, so that's cool. We haven't seen one in person yet but we have one on order and will update with pictures as soon as it arrives.

Flagstaff T19QBHW floorplan

Dropping like flies...

9-28-2013 The 620ST and the HW25FS have been discontinued as well. That means there are no more 10' Classic campers (12' & 14' only) and no more 12' High Wall campers (14' & 16' only). Bummer.

720BH Discontinued

9-15-2013 The 720BH has been discontinued.

Going Green (again)

8-29-2013 For 2014 (after two years of baby blue trim on Classic tents) Flagstaff changed back to the green theme that differentiated the Classic series from the MAC series for 15 years.

2014 Flagstaff 627D green tent example

New Stereo For Classics

8-24-2013 All Classic trailers (Classic Series, High Wall Series, and T-Series) now come with a regular stereo deck, specifically the Kenwood KDC-152. It's not the fanciest deck out there but it takes up less space than the proprietary system used previously plus it has a removable face.

Kenwood KDC-152 in a Flagstaff camper

627D and T12TST Introduced

8-8-2013 A new 14' low-wall Classic called the 627D is available for the 2014 model year. It features an interior shower/cassette toilet and a fourth bed (made from the pull-out sofa) like the 625D, but with wrap-around seating at the slide-out dinette and a slightly smaller sofa/bed. Also, a large access door opens on the door-side to allow access to an auxiliary fridge from outside the camper!

Flagstaff 627D floorplan

The 627D has a large baggage door that opens to reveal a 110V fridge. It's ideal for tail-gaters (or especially thirsty campers) who need some refreshment but don't have time to go inside the camper to the regular fridge.

2014 Flagstaff 627D exterior fridge compartment 2014 Flagstaff 627D exterior fridge

The T12TST replaces the T12SCST for the 2014 model year. It is a 12' T-Series camper with a front enclosed storage trunk. The T12TST has an interior cassette toilet but no interior shower. An exterior shower is included as with all T-Series campers.

Flagstaff T12TST floorplan

The T12TST has a "swivel toilet" which is a cassette toilet with the bowl that swivels to either side of the storage compartment; this allows more floor-space inside the camper.

cassette toilet open cassette toilet down

Pop-Up Trailer 101 Camper Class Free camper demonstration and discussion

Have you ever considered renting or buying a pop-up trailer but the thought of not knowing how to set up the camper or what may be involved has kept you from trying it?

Our FREE camper demonstration and discussion is designed to introduce tent campers and new campers alike to the benefits of pop-up campers. Details here.

T12SCST Discontinued

8-7-2013 The T12SCST has been discontinued.

T19SCHW (continued)

2-5-13 We received a 2013 Flagstaff T19SCHW. The shower is soft-sided only. The storage trunk has a sliding component as well as a separate upper storage area accessible by the front lid.

We also added pictures to it's model page. Here's a preview:

Flagstaff T19SCHW exterior

New T-Series model: T19SCHW

1-19-13 A new High Wall T-Series is available, the T19SCHW. It has a 4.0 cu. ft. fridge and higher counter-tops than all other T-Series campers. It also has a shower/cassette toilet (but no word yet on whether the shower area is hard-sided or soft-curtain-ed. $13095

Flagstaff T19SCHW floorplan

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2013 Factory Brochure

11-24-12 The factory brochure for 2013 is now available:

2013 brochure thumbnail (pdf 10.4m - opens in new window)

T12SC --> T12SCST

9-15-12 The T12SC has been discontinued, sort of. A storage trunk has been added to the T12SC interior and the new model is called the T12SCST.

Return of the HW31SCTH?

8-6-12 UPDATE: The HW31SCTH has been given a green light so we've added it back into the regular sales pages.

8-2-12 Here's some exciting news (for anyone looking for a High Wall camper with a toy hauler deck on the front): rumor has it the HW31SCTH will return to full production for the 2013 model year.

We've heard rumors like this before so until we see it on an actual order sheet we're going to keep the HW31SCTH in the Archives. Once we know it is back for sure we will move it to the regular New Sales page.

Interesting point:: Flagstaff's website has the HW31SCTH listed in their floor plans. It's unclear if that's a holdover from the last time it was discontinued or if that's an update for 2013. Stay tuned!

T-Series Changes

7-23-12 The only 10' box in the T-Series, the T10RD, has been discontinued.

On the plus side, several "new" T-Series models have been added. "New" is in quotes because the new models don't necessarily have new features, they are new combinations of existing features. For example, the new model T12RBST is the existing T12RB with the addition of the front storage trunk (as used on the current T12DDST).

The new T-models are:

  • T12RBST (storage trunk version of the T12RB)
  • T12RBTH (toy-hauler version of the T12RB)
  • T12SCST (storage trunk version of the T12SC)

T12SDTH upgrades

6-1-12 The T12SDTH now has a raised frame, thicker main frame spars, 15" aluminum wheels with mud tires, and a double-step entry like the BR series. These additions come at a cost, naturally, so all early model 2013 T12SDTHs are now $12795.

End of the Show Season and Special Order Deadline

3-27-12 The show season is almost over. The 30% discount for options on new trailers and the 20% discount for options on used trailers ends this Saturday, March 31st.

The deadline for all special orders or to order any camper we don't currently have in stock with no extra freight charge is Saturday, April 14th. Please let us know by then if you'd like a certain camper we don't already have in stock.

Closeout Prices announced

3-10-12 The NEW 2011 HW29SC and the NEW EM 2012 176LTD have been assigned closeout prices. They are listed on the New Campers In Stock page.

The Trailer Show is almost here

2-20-12 The trailer show is Thursday, March 1st - Sunday, March 4th at the stock show complex. This is the best time of year to see many Flagstaff models all at once (as well as other brands of camping trailers). For more details please check our Trailer Show page.

During the show season options are 30% off for new camper sales and 20% off for used camper sales. Option discount details.

New Website

1-20-12 We have a new website! We upgraded the navigation system and added new features like the Articles & Tutorials section in the right-hand sidebar.

Please update any saved links or "favorites" for Roberts Sales in your browser.

There will be many more pictures and illustrations added to clarify some descriptions and update other pictures. Please bear with us as we add more photos.

If you run into any problems with the new site or if you have any suggestions how we could improve your experience with the site we would definitely appreciate you letting us know here: (mark@robertssales.com) Thank you!

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New Bed Poles

12-2011 All Flagstaff tent campers (except the LTD Series) now use triangulated bed support poles. The triangulated bed support, first used in the High Wall series, allows the bed to be slid in and out of the camper box without any lifting motion. This should make set-up even easier than before.

176ED Out, 228 In

12-20-11 Unfortunately we no longer have the 176ED available to rent (see: The End of the ED). We still want to offer three rental models, though, so we are proud to add the 228 to our rental fleet.

Rental Flagstaff 228 floorplan

The 228 is a 12' box with large beds on the ends as well as a dinette and sofa combination that allows large groups to gather for meals, games, etc. The 228 requires electric brakes so tow vehicles need a brake controller to operate the brakes. For more details, specs, and pricing, please see Rentals.

New Model: T10RD

12-13-11 Late addition to the model lineup: The T10RD. Flagstaff added a 10' box to the popular T-Series. The T10RD has a dinette and an Innerspring Mattress bunk so it is essentially a smaller and lighter sibling to the T12RB.

T-Series Awning

10-19-11 The T-Series now has an awning/screen-room available. It is a 1-piece unit (the awning can't be set up independently of the screen-room). This option can be installed on older T-Series campers as well.

T Series awning/screen-room

Flagstaff 2012 Model Year Summary

9-22-11 News from Flagstaff:

  • The 206BH, BR24SC, and T12RS have been discontinued.
  • The 228 and 228BH now have a table leaf standard (like the one in the 206ST).
  • The BR28TSC will now have a seat on the door side next to the shower area.
  • The floor plan of the 720BH has been revised to have the sofa and dinette together and the galley and fridge compartment together.
  • The HW25SC is now the HW25FS--the shower/toilet has been replaced by a front sofa/bed area (similar to the HW29SC front sofa).
  • A front storage trunk has been added to the T12DD and that camper will now be called the T12DDST.
  • The T12RB is now available with a front bike-hauler storage deck. This model is called the T12BH.
  • New model: T12SC--a T-series camper with a shower/cassette toilet inside.
  • The T12RS gains a 48" toy-hauler style front storage deck and is now called the T12SDTH.
  • The deck of all BH "Bike Hauler" units will have a removable deck railing for extra support of gear loaded on the deck.
  • All T-series campers now have front roof windows standard.
  • The T-series now has an optional awning/screen-room combo.

HW31SCTH Discontinued

8-15-11 The HW31SCTH has been discontinued (for real this time). If anyone was looking for this model now is the time to check all Flagstaff and Rockwood dealers to see if they still have one in stock.

207, 720BH Re-designed

8-15-11 The 207 and 720BH will have re-designed layouts for 2012. I'll post more details and floor plans as soon as possible. (update 11-1-11--nope, the 207 stays the same, only the 720BH changes; pre-2012 720BH)

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