Brake Controller Details

Any trailer towed in Colorado that is capable of weighing over 3000 lbs. when fully loaded must have a functional brake system installed on the trailer. That means that even though our largest rental camper weighs only 2050 lbs. when empty, because it could be loaded to 3225 lbs. it must have a working brake system to be safe and legal.

A brake controller is a small box installed on a tow vehicle that sends an electrical signal to the trailer's electric brakes. When the brakes are applied on the tow vehicle the trailer's brakes are activated and regulated by this controller.

Some vehicles now come with brake controllers integrated into the vehicle's system from the factory. However, in most vehicles an after-market brake controller must be installed or a temporary brake controller must be used.

To have a brake controller permanently installed on your vehicle, we recommend these two hitch companies:

The Hitch Corner
10677 W. Centennial Rd., suite 103(Kipling & Chatfield)
Littleton, CO

The Hitch Corner
1900 S. Quince St., Unit E (Southeast Denver)
Denver, CO

Classic Trailer Sales
4415 Ward Rd. (I-70 & Ward)
Wheat Ridge, CO

(Most car dealerships and U-Haul locations also install brake controllers.)

A popular alternative for those not wanting a permanently-mounted brake controller on their tow vehicle is a wireless brake controller called the Curt Echo that operates from your cell phone and plugs into your tow vehicle's 7-prong connector. The hitch companies listed above (and this Etrailer page) will have more information about this brake controller.

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