Monthly/Long-Term Rentals

For longer trips or for longer events like home remodeling we offer a spceial long-term rate for our rental campers: rent a camper for three weeks and receive the fourth week at no charge*.

So, for a month (actually 28 days, so a "month" if we're talking about February) the rates for our rental campers would be:

*The fourth week needs to be concurrent with the three week rental. Three weeks at one time and then using the fourth week at a different time doesn't count. Also three separate week-long rentals do not receive a free fourth week. Put another way, this offer applies to one 4-week long rental period where you rent the camper for 4 weeks but pay for only 3 weeks (plus tax).

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Fine Print: Roberts Sales reserves the right to change prices, model-year, model, specifications, and camper components at any time without notice. That sounds scary--the only reason we'd change anything from what was agreed upon when a reservation was made is if a catastrophic event renders a camper completely unusable in which case we would make every effort to find a similar camper. For the record, we have never turned away a customer WHO HAS A RESERVATION due to a camper being out of commission.