Choosing the Right Rental Camper

All of our rental campers are easy to set up. They also have similar amenities such as a furnace, stove, fridge, and water system. So what's the difference and which model might work best for you?

  176 206LT 208 228LT
Box size 8' 10' 10' 12'
Open length 17' 20' 20' 23' 1"
Number of beds 3 3 4 4
Weight 1608 lbs. 1650 lbs. 1900 lbs. 2050 lbs.
Needs brake controller no no yes yes
Cold-water tank 20 gal. 10 gal. 20 gal. 10 gal.
Hot water & ext. shower n/a n/a n/a n/a
Radial tire/wheel size 13" 13" 13" 13"
Stove burners 3 2 3 2
Stove location inside only inside/outside inside only inside/outside
Powered-fan roof vent yes no yes no

Standard equipment for all of our rental campers:

  • 19,000 BTU furnace with automatic ignition (a one-switch thermostat controls the furnace)
  • 1.9 cu. ft. 3-way fridge ("3-way" means it will run off of propane, 110V if your campsite has hookups, and 12V while on the road if your tow vehicle has a charging circuit)
  • Electric water pump
  • 2" ball coupler
  • Wire loom with 7-prong round or 4-prong flat (depending on your vehicle; our looms are interchangeable)
  • 110V hook-up (if your campsite has power, you can plug in the camper just like plugging in a toaster)
  • Electric brakes (brakes are available with all rental campers; they are required to be operational only on the 208 and 228LT)
  • 20# propane tank (the first 20 lbs. of propane are included in the rental; the tank can be returned empty at no charge)

Some details to consider:

176 - The lightest rental camper

206LT - Full walkway from end-to-end and lots of counter space

208 - Four full-length beds

228LT - The largest rental camper

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