Pre-Delivery Information

The information sheet stapled to your rental reservation receipt is duplicated here:

  1. Rent is separate from the deposit.
    The rental fee and tax is due when you pick up the trailer.
    Your reservation deposit becomes a cleaning deposit and is refunded if the trailer is returned clean and undamaged. We accept cash and credit cards (sorry, no checks).
  2. We hook-up campers by appointment only.
    Please call between 7:30-10AM on your pick-up day for an appointment.
    Failure to call for a hook-up time may result in no delivery that day.

    The normal hook-up times are 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the afternoon.
    Morning appointments are available with prior notification; morning appointments are 8, 9, and 10AM.
    Please note that if you pick up a camper in the morning your rent starts that day. If you pick up a camper in the afternoon (1, 2, 3, or 4pm), your rent starts the next day--it's like a free afternoon to pack and get ready for the trip.
  3. Allow about one hour for the hook-up orientation. We want to demonstrate how to operate the trailer and have you inspect the trailer's condition.
  4. The camper's exterior lights (brake lights, turn signals, and clearance lights) needs a 4-pront flat or 7-prong round wire connector on your tow vehicle. For the 208 and 228LT a brake controller must be installed on your tow vehicle or be using a wireless brake controller.
  5. The campers use a 2" hitch.
    The top of the ball to the ground should measure ~21".
    Ball mounts (2" or 1 1/4"), if needed, rent for $10 per week.

Please note card transactions for the deposit and rent are processed through our rental company, Southwest Rentals.

FINE PRINT - (But still worth reading)
  1. Prompt arrival when picking up the camper is appreciated.
  2. If you return the camper past the contracted return time, a $100 late fee will be applied PLUS a $100 late fee for each day the camper is late (in addition to the daily rental rate).*
  3. Metal objects (support bars, toolbox, cooler, etc.) will damage the floor.
    Use cardboard, carpet, etc. to protect the floor from these objects.
    Keep bed support bars and bed rafter poles under the beds, not on the floor.
  4. A lug wrench is not provided--to change a flat tire you will need a 13/16" socket and a 3/4" socket (or a star-wrench).
    The wrench or tire iron included with your tow vehicle's tire-change package may not be 13/16" (it's probably 3/4") so additional tools may be necessary.
  5. Extension cords (beyond the 20' cord included with the camper) are not provided.
  6. External water hoses, drain hoses, drain "gray" tanks, etc. are also not provided.
  7. Matches, utensils, pots, plates, blankets, pillows, and cleaning supplies are not included.
  8. Tornadoes may be hazardous to the camper. Also, hail, fire, earthquakes, rolling boulders, oncoming Winnebagos, and falling trees may leave the camper in a less-than-desirable condition. We do not carry or sell insurance for the campers. If you have a concern about insurance, please call your insurance agent. If the agent has questions about the camper we will gladly answer them.
    Regardless, you are responsible for the condition and care of the camper.
  9. The furnace needs electricity to work. If your campsite has power hook-ups, that's great. If not, you'll be running off the battery. The furnace and the powered roof vent are the two main drains on the battery. Depending on the length of your trip you may need to recharge the battery.
  10. The battery will be fully charged when you pick up the camper but you may need to charge the battery during your trip. You can do this by hooking up jumper cables to your car battery and idling your tow vehicle. We do not provide jumper cables.
  11. Weather and humidity may affect fridge operation. So will what you put inside the fridge, how warm or cold these items are to start with, how many times you open the door, etc.
    Having a fridge is not a guarantee against spoiled food, or on the other end, frozen milk. Because an ammonia-based fridge is highly dependent on outside atmospheric conditions and many other variables, we will not guarantee the operation of the fridge. Bottom line: do not trust the fridge.
  12. Do not try to crank up the roof without first releasing the roof latches, please.
  13. Make ABSOLUTELY SURE the roof is cranked up completely before sliding the beds in or out or else the tent may tear!
    Torn canvas charge is $50 per inch. No, we are not joking--tent panels are not fun to repair and expensive to replace.
  14. Please do not fold the canvas corner flaps that cover the lifter arms behind the metal lifters.
    This is hard on the tent, may tear the vinyl, and tends to put us in a cranky mood. It also lets us know at a glance who actually read this information. If you made it this far, we certainly appreciate it!
  15. Do not force anything (crank, bed slides, stabilizing jacks, canvas, etc.).
    If something doesn't work easily, there is probably a reason why.
  16. Be careful when backing up the camper--jack-knifed A-frames cannot be repaired ($$$).
  17. Please drive slowly on dirt roads--rocks may dent the front panel ($$).
  18. Do not place ANYTHING on the roof at any time for any amount of time for any reason whatsoever regardless of whether the camper is moving or still or how much padding you think will save the roof--it won't. If this warning seems awfully specific, well... sadly, it is.
    Roofs cannot be re-skinned, only replaced ($,$$$).
  19. Please be careful if you put the camper in a garage (especially if the roof of the camper is up)--trust us on this one, it can turn ugly in a hurry.
  20. If you want to fill the propane tank, please use the existing propane tank. Propane exchanges will give you a different tank, one that could be nearly out of date or obsolete.
    You will be charged for a new tank if the one we sent with the trailer is not returned ($50).
  21. We will demonstrate how the camper works when you pick it up. Also, an instruction card with a set-up review and troubleshooting tips will be inside the rental camper.
  22. If you need additional help with the camper or any aspect of the rental transaction, please tell us--we are here to help.
  23. When cleaning the camper, please remove all sand from the mattresses and cushions--take the cushions out of the camper, turn them face-down, and hit the cushions to help get out the sand or other debris.
    Sand if fun on the beach but not on the beds people sleep on. Please understand if a $100 cleaning fee is charged for excessive sand in the camper. It's a lot of money, yes, but actually quite reasonable if you do a penny to grain-of-sand ratio comparison.

Thank you and enjoy your trip!

*The late fee seems punitive--why is that? If a camper is returned late it is possible that someone else's trip will suffer. Suppose someone reserved a camper, reserved a campsite, got all their supplies together, arranged all of their group's schedules to allow for a vacation together, have the marshmallows and graham crackers ready to go, but then had no camper to go camping in--not good.

Or suppose a camper is returned an hour late--it's only an hour, right? Well, sometimes being an hour late to an unreserved campsite can make the difference between an awesome site and a less-desirable site. It seems like a small thing but the entire experience could be affected through no fault of their own.

Bottom line: your camper will be ready for you when you arrive to pick it up. We need to make sure that's true for everybody. (Up )

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