The End of the ED

Flagstaff 176ED (1994-2010)

UPDATE 1-2-2014: The 176ED floor plan is back as the Flagstaff 176!

January 2011

After 17 years in production, the 176ED has been discontinued. Demand simply failed to justify continued production of this model but it's hard to understand* how that's possible with such a nice floorplan.

176ED floorplan

The 176ED had a great layout and a small, 8' package. It was one of only two 8' boxes Flagstaff builds and one would think, given the push for smaller, more-environmentally-friendly vehicles, that more choices for light-weight campers would be better than fewer choices. It also had the largest dinette of any Flagstaff tent trailer (80" x 50") where six people could enjoy a meal or game together. Even the High Wall and Classic Series slide-out dinettes fall short of the 176ED dinette (by 8"!)

The galley had open floor space that allowed for easy cooking and clean-up. Access to the front bunk was unobstructed; getting to the rear bunk meant going over the dinette seat (or the dinette bed, if the dinette was folded down that way). The 176ED was also a full-fledged MAC Series camper so handy features like the powered roof vent, overhead cabinet, and outside grill came standard.

We bought all of the remaining 176ED campers Flagstaff had in stock. We will also continue to rent the 176ED for the entire 2011 season. Any new campers not sold by June will be used in our rental program. After that only used 176EDs will be available.

Perhaps it's silly to get sentimental about a camper, but for those who have owned or rented one and understand its value, the 176ED was an amazing camper and will certainly be missed by many in the pop-up community.

Check for used 176EDs in Used Sales

Update: the last 176ED from our rental fleet sold in June 2012.

*It's actually not that hard to understand. The 176LTD costs less and if someone is looking for an "entry level" camper, many people prefer the price of the 176LTD.

Some dealers--like us--emphasize usability and function over price. The small dinette of the 176LTD (and the partially blocked leg-space at the dinette) makes the 176LTD way less functional than the 176ED with its full-size dinette (and other MAC features). Still, for those looking at price only, the 176LTD apparently sold more than the superior 176ED.

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