Flagstaff T12BH

Flagstaff T12BH floorplan

Bed Layout for this model Flagstaff T12BH travel length and width

2017 Flagstaff T12BH exterior

2017 Flagstaff T12BH dormer interior view 2017 Flagstaff T12BH dormer ceiling view Early Model 2018 Flagstaff T12BH exterior Early Model 2018 Flagstaff T12BH back 3/4 view

Early Model 2018 Flagstaff T12BH front view Early Model 2018 Flagstaff T12BH rear view Early Model 2018 Flagstaff T12BH galley Early Model 2018 Flagstaff T12BH sink and stove covers

Early Model 2018 Flagstaff T12BH microwave area Early Model 2018 Flagstaff T12BH rear 3/4 view (2017 & EM 2018 model year shown--[why an older model?])




...as well as these features standard with the T-Series:

(Other features and minutiae detailed in Standard Features)

Dormer Notice

The front dormer was introduced in 2017. Early Model 2017 and earlier versions of the T12BH do not have the front dormer.

Comparable Models

Please note: this is a "brochure page" intended to provide information about a particular model Flagstaff offers--it does not necessarily mean we have this model in stock. Any pictures on brochure pages represent a given model's design but do not necessarily depict an individual camper available for sale and may contain optional equipment. Please see "Features" (above) for included equipment and please check New Campers In Stock for our current inventory.Thank you!

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^"Why use old pictures on some of the camper model pages?" In some cases we may not stock a particular model so the last time we took pictures of it was when we special-ordered one for a customer. In other cases we may not have had an opportunity to take "official" pictures of a model. We would use Flagstaff's pictures but Flagstaff selects only six of their campers for brochure photos (out of 30+ models) so we try to supplement those pictures with our own. But, yes, sometimes our pictures of a certain model are older. (Up )

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