Brief Width Explanation

Trailer width can be important when considering where to store a camping trailer (will it fit in the garage?) and how best to see around it when towing (would extended mirrors help?). The factory brochure no longer provides any width specification so we decided to include it here.

Flagstaff's brochure used to say their camping trailers are 85" wide. While it's true the box is 85" (7' 1") wide, that number doesn't include things sticking out from the side like the awning or water and electrical connections. Our travel width figures include all protruding fixtures.

Tent Campers

On Flagstaff's tent campers, the awning sticks out from the body the most (3 1/2"). If the awning is removed, the entry door grab-handle is the next most prominent at almost 3". On the back-side, the water drain cap sticks out the most at 1 1/2".

Flagstaff awning on the side of the camper Flagstaff's grab-handle protruding from the side Flagstaff water drain cap

In total Flagstaff's tent campers are 7' 6" wide.

Flagstaff width explanation example for tent campers

T-series Campers

On Flagstaff's T-series campers, the push-handle on the front roof section to help lower the roof sticks out the most (3"). The grab-handle and exterior speaker also hang out a respectable amount (just under 3"). On the back-side, the powered lift strut for the High Wall T-series models adds 2" to the width. For the low-wall models, the water drain cap sticks out 1 1/2".

Flagstaff T-series push-handle protrusion Flagstaff T-series speaker and grab handle sticking out Flagstaff powered lift-strut for T-series

In total Flagstaff's T-series campers are 7' 6" wide*.

Flagstaff T-series width explanation example

*Technically the low-wall T-series campers are 7' 5 1/2" wide, but we rounded up for the sake of simplicity.

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