Roof Repair Suggestions*

Although unpleasant to think about, the truth is that hail, falling tree branches, awning poles caught in a strong wind, rocks, unruly neighborhood kids , etc. all pose a threat to your camper's roof. Here are some suggestions for camper roof repair:


The most basic and inexpensive fix (besides duct tape, of course) is caulking. Silicone caulking works well. Some caulking is made specifically for the RV industry like Pro-Flex RV caulk. Caulking ensures the roof interior stays dry and protected but, cosmetically, the repair is apparent.

Fiberglass Patch

A Fiberglass patch is a mat of Fiberglass cloth that covers a roof's damaged area and is held in place with an epoxy resin. The patch is strong and light-weight but, like caulking, the repair is noticeable.

Automotive Body Filler

Automotive putty (like Bondo) can be used to fill holes in a damaged aluminum roof. Once the putty hardens the surface can be tooled and painted to resemble the "orange peel" finish of many camper roofs. Although this provides a better aesthetic finish to the repair than caulk or a Fiberglass patch, body filler may crack over time and require additional repair.

Older Flagstaff campers used aluminum on the roof exterior. Current Flagstaff and Rockwood tent campers use Fiberglass roofs. Fiberglass expands and contracts due to changes in temperature. Because of this expansion and the tendency for body filler to crack from this movement we do NOT recommend this repair method for Fiberglass roofs.

Vent Installation

Depending on the size and location of the roof damage, sometimes a well-placed roof vent can take the place of the damaged area. Not only does the roof lose the damaged spot but the camper benefits from added light and air circulation.

Be aware that installing a vent is more labor-intensive than caulking or using a Fiberglass patch and the location of the repair is limited by what will look natural to the camper (a mass of caulking could end up looking better than a vent that looks out of place).

Spray-on Liner

Spray-on liners like Line-X and Rhino Liner not only seal roof cracks but they protect the roof from future dings, scratches, or errant sharp objects. Both Line-X and Rhino Liner offer a white material to match most camper roofs' original color.

Although a spray-on liner is the most expensive solution short of replacing the roof entirely, it provides extra protection from future damage that even a new roof cannot match. Also, if your camper is in the shop for a spray-on roof anyway it's possible the front panel can be added to the application at minimal cost. Now your camper's front panel will be better protected from dents, too.

New Roof

If all else fails new roofs are available from the factory for Flagstaff and Rockwood campers.

*These are suggestions for how to repair a roof. The only services we provide are caulking the roof and replacing the old roof with a new roof.

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