Roof Vent Caulking Maintenance

The powered roof vent included with most Flagstaff pop-up campers has an ABS plastic base while the roof exterior is Fiberglass. These two materials expand and contract (due to heat and cold cycles) at different rates. Because of this expansion the caulking on the roof may eventually split.

If the caulking splits and rain or snow seeps into the camper mold and mildew can occur. To prevent this check that the caulking around the vent has not cracked. If the caulking has cracked or if it has separated from the roof new caulking is required.

roof vent cracking example
Arrows point to areas of concern--new caulking is required

To re-caulk the roof vent:

1. Clean the area to be re-caulked. (It is not necessary to remove old caulking--new caulking will help create a "crown" which may help with future expansion/caulking issues.) Allow the area to dry fully before adding new caulking.

2. Squeeze a bead of caulking (preferably ProFlex RV caulk) where the roof meets the base of the powered roof vent or the lower part of the existing caulking.

roof caulking bead

3. A second bead where the powered roof vent and the existing caulking meet may be necessary.

roof vent caulking second bead

4. Work/smooth the new caulking to make sure all gaps between the roof and vent base are sealed.

roof vent caulking smoothing

5. ProFlex RV will "settle" after application to provide a smoother appearance than when it is first worked. Allow the caulk to dry. Check the caulking at least twice a year to make sure it is in good condition.

completed camper roof vent caulking maintenance

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