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Classic Package

Adding Select Classic Series Items to a MAC Camper

UPDATE 2019: The Classic Package is no longer available as described below. Individual options from the Options page can still be ordered ala carte.

If you like a MAC floorplan but would like some of the Classic features the MAC series is missing, the one of the Classic Packages might be perfect for you.

The Basic Classic Package includes:

The Advanced Classic Package includes:

(All of these options are listed on the Options page)

Keep in mind all of these features can be added individually as well.

Considerations regarding the Classic Package

Although the Basic and Advanced Classic Packages add several Classic features to a standard camper, some features cannot be upgraded-to economically. Those items are:

  • Innerspring Mattresses - There is an Innerspring mattress option but you end up paying a LOT to freight the mattress from Indiana to Colorado. Instead, consider checking local custom mattress companies and see if a custom-sized mattress would be more economical. Also, a less-expensive alternative involves using a foam pad under the foam mattress (or a memory foam pad on top of the mattress) from Target or a club warehouse.
  • 2.5 cu. ft. Fridge - The dimensions of the 2.5 cu. ft. fridge differ from the 1.9 cu. ft. fridge so upgrading the fridge is not possible without revamping the entire cabinet, countertop, and exterior vent.
  • Fiberglass Body Panels - There's no economical way to change the aluminum body panels to Fiberglass (and there's no good reason, either). If you want a Fiberglass body, the Classic, High Wall, and T Series is the way to go.
  • Torsion-bar Suspension - Again, there's no economical way to change out the running gear from leaf-spring to torsion-bar (and again, no good reason to). Leaf-spring suspension is great (plus the running gear shouldn't be a big determining factor in choosing a camper anyway).
Adding it all up

The Classic Packages help make a nice MAC camper even nicer; this may be especially helpful if you like a floorplan that's not offered in the Classic Series. However, if there is Classic model similar to a MAC model and you think you will use the features included with the Classic Series, starting with a Classic model is better, economically, than starting with a MAC model and adding Classic features to it.

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