Innerspring Mattress

That's a LOT of money for a mattress--and a pop-up camper mattress at that!

Yes, yes it is. About one-quarter of the price for a Flagstaff Innerspring mattress is freight because the mattress is a large bulky object shipped from Indiana.

A better option may be to check local custom mattress makers to see if a spring mattress could be made to your specifications. The money spent on freight from Indiana would be better spent on a higher quality mattress made locally.

Another option involves using a foam pad in addition to the foam mattresses that comes with the camper. Not only can you choose how thick you want the foam to be, but the price should be significantly less than a spring mattress. We'd go to Costco, Sam's Club, or Target for this.

Lastly, some of our customers have replaced the factory mattress with a memory foam mattress from online retailers such as Amazon. Here is an Amazon search for such mattresses. Remember to keep the thickness 5" or less or the roof will have a hard time sealing to the camper box when folded down.

Concerning both memory foam options, if the mattress does not fit the camper's bed frame perfectly an electric turkey knife cuts foam nicely.

If these alternatives do not appeal and you would still like a mattress from Flagstaff, we're happy to special-order one for you. We just want everyone to have all relevant information to make the best choice possible. Thank you!

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