Roof Racks & Bike Racks

Rack options for Roberts Sales campers

Roof rack: the basic two-bar system can be used as a boat rack or as the foundation for other rack options.

The most common rack option is the bike yoke. Here is an example of the basic two-bar SportRack roof rack with four SportRack bike yokes attached:

4 bike yokes SportRack

Here's the six bike-yoke version. Note the bike yoke orientation alternates heat-to-toe so when the bikes are mounted so close togehter, the handlebars won't hit each other.

Roof rack with six bike yokes

Roof baskets with spider-web netting are also available. Roof-basket extensions provide extra space.

Since the roof rack is permanently mounted to the roof it is not adjustable. If a wide stance (to haul a boat and a narrow stance to carry bikes) is required, a third bar may be necessary.

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