Rear Receiver

The rear receiver offers an alternative to roof-mounted bike racks as well as the ability to tow a second trailer behind the camping trailer.

2" rear receiver example

rear receiver alternate view rear receiver side view rear receiver frame mount rear receiver overview under the camper rear receiver completed

Bike Rack

Rear Receiver Bike Rack example

The most common application of the rear receiver involves a bike rack. The benefit of a receiver-mounted bike rack:



Tandem Towing

Rear Receiver towing example
1 1/4" shown, 2" also available

To tow a second trailer, make sure that the second trailer weighs less than the camping trailer. If it does not the rig will be unstable and could result in a "wag the dog" situation. Also, make sure that the tongue weight of the second trailer does not push on the rear receiver enough to create negative tongue-weight on the camping trailer. This will also result in an unstable towing situation (weight details).

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