Stove Options

The LTD Series and 206LT comes with a 2-burner stove that can be hooked-up inside or outside the camper:

2-burner stove

All other Flagstaff campers have a 3-burner stove built into the countertop inside the camper and a grill that hangs from the side of the camper's exterior*.

built-in stove placement exterior grill

For all Flagstaff campers, an exterior stove can be added with a separate gas connection independent of the grill. That way a grill and stove can both be used outside at the same time.

Quick-Connect Compatibility

Flagstaff stoves and grills use the "thin" male propane quick-connect fitting.

thin propane quick-disconnect fitting

To see if your quick-connect fitting is compatible look down the middle of the female quick-connect fitting; if a brass circle is at the bottom of the fitting, that quick-connect is compatible with current** Flagstaff stoves and grills. If a brass bar crosses the bottom of the fitting, that quick-connect is not compatible with Flagstaff stoves and grills and a different fitting will be required on either the male or female side.

propane connections

*The HW27KS is an exception: it has a "kitchen slide" with a 2-burner stove (and sink) that slides out of the camper.

**Older Flagstaff campers used the "bar" connection. We forgot the exact year the change was made to the new "ring" style connection--but it was back in the '90's so if you have a Flagstaff from the 21st century, you'll have the thin ring.

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