Flagstaff 425M
Flagstaff 425M floorplan

Bed Layout for this model Flagstaff 425M travel length and width

2021 Flagstaff 425M exterior

2021 Flagstaff 425M front view 2021 Flagstaff 425M rear view 2021 Flagstaff 425M galley 2021 Flagstaff 425M galley cabinets

2021 Flagstaff 425M dinette 2021 Flagstaff 425M dinette as a bed 2021 Flagstaff 425M galley area 2021 Flagstaff 425M galley storage

2021 Flagstaff 425M angled view 2021 Flagstaff 425M seat 2021 Flagstaff 425M corner 2021 Flagstaff 425M corner storage

2021 Flagstaff 425M fridge2021 Flagstaff 425M thermostat and switches 2021 Flagstaff 425M drawers 2021 Flagstaff 425M power converter

2021 Flagstaff 425M powered roof vent 2021 Flagstaff 425M overhead cabinet 2021 Flagstaff 425M clothes rack 2021 Flagstaff 425M grill

2021 Flagstaff 425M dinette opened up 2021 Flagstaff 425M under dinette seat 2021 Flagstaff 425M under the other dinette seat 2021 Flagstaff 425M block to support front bed

2021 Flagstaff 425M front mattress 2021 Flagstaff 425M rear bunk 2021 Flagstaff 425M back-side 3/4 view 2021 Flagstaff 425M back-side 3/4 rear view

2021 Flagstaff 425M storage trunk 2021 Flagstaff 425M slide-out extended awning light

(2021 model year shown above --[why an older model?])

factory photo 1 factory photo 2

(2022 model year shown)


  • The only Flagstaff pop-up with a bay window. The bay window and slide-out dinette creates a spacious interior built for comfort.
  • Lots of floor space makes getting around the 425M easy.



  • 6-gallon water heater with automatic ignition and exterior shower fixture
  • Portable toilet (stored under the "J" seating area)
  • Two-burner stove in the bay-window galley

...as well as these features standard with the MAC series*:

  • Interior 2-burner stove
  • Insignia 1.7 cu. ft. 12V refrigerator
  • Suburban 19,000 BTU furnace with automatic ignition
  • Exterior propane griddle
  • 20-gallon water tank
  • Overhead cabinet
  • Group 27 battery pack
  • 110V heated 3.5" foam mattresses
  • Privacy curtains
  • Powered roof vent
  • Prep table (hangs outside next to the grill)
  • 1-piece door
  • Awning
  • Two 20# propane tanks with automatic regulator
  • Two ProRac Systems cross-bars permanently mounted on the roof
  • 13" aluminum wheels
  • Spare tire (with a steel wheel)
  • Electric brakes

(Other features and minutiae detailed in Standard Features)

Comparable Models

  • 228D - Similar slide-out dinette and 12' interior but with no storage trunk, bay window, or portable toilet and with a fourth bed made from the sofa/gaucho.
  • 228D w/shower - Similar slide-out dinette and 12' interior but with no storage trunk or bay window and with an interior shower/cassette toilet and fourth bed (gaucho).

*The 425M has a two-burner stove.

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