Custom Oven

Installing an oven in a Flagstaff 623

June 2000

Before the High Wall Series there was no option for an oven in a Flagstaff camping trailer. So in 2000 when one of our customers requested an oven in their camping trailer we went the custom route, rebuilding the entire cabinet near the entry door to accommodate an oven/stove combination.

Oven in a camping trailer

We replaced the standard cabinet construction with 2" x 2" support to hold the oven in place. New paneling was required to raise the cabinet 2" to lift the oven above the wheel well. After running a new propane line and modifying the countertop to hold the new appliance, we lowered the oven/stove into place.

The original cabinetry in this area had three small drawers; the drawer faces were re-used to help recover as much storage space from this area as possible. The third drawer face had no other place to go but the side of the oven. This worked out well, though, to hold small cookie sheets for the oven.

Oven in a camping trailer detail

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