Sports Enthusiast Series

For when the road is no longer paved

The Sports Enthusiast Package outfits an excellent variety of floor plans with big frames, beefy tires, and a slick gray exterior and interior. A hot water system, roof rack, and stereo system are also standard.

Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast series exterior

Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast series interior Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast Series folded down

(shown with optional air conditioner; kayak and kayak j-racks not included)

Sports Enthusiast Tent Campers Features


Box Size Standout Feature Floorplan List Price Our Price
207SE 10' The only 10' SE camper without a storage trunk Flagstaff 207SE layout
206STSE 10' The only enclosed storage trunk in the SE Series Flagstaff 206STSE layout
228BHSE 12' The largest SE camper without an interior shower/cassette toilet Flagstaff 228BHSE layout
228BHSE with shower 12' The largest SE camper without a slide-out dinette Flagstaff 228BHSE with shower layout
228SE 12' The shortest SE camper with a slide-out dinette Flagstaff 228SE layout
228SE with shower 12' The shortest SE camper with a slide-out dinette and shower/ cassette combo Flagstaff 228SE with shower layout
23SCSE 12' Three wide beds, an interior shower/toilet and a 4 1/2' metal deck--single axle Flagstaff 23SCSE layout

Please note: this page includes all of the Sports Enthusiast models Flagstaff offers. Some models may not be available at our store; please check New Campers In Stock for our current inventory. Thank you!

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