Super 208


March 2010

The Super 208 was a base 208 that received several options and upgrades including part of the Back Road Package. Our goal was to show that base models are not limited to their original equipment and that even a few minor upgrades can add a lot to the camper's usability.

Super 208 exterior

Options and upgrades we installed on the Super 208:

The raise frame lifts the box 4". The stock stabilizing jacks barely touched the ground at that point so we upgraded to the heavy-duty stabilizing jacks used on the High Wall Series.

Super 208 lifted chassis

Chrome clearance light guards help protect the clearance lights (especially on roads with tree branches sticking into the roadway). Additionally they look pretty sweet!

Clearance light guard

The 208 comes with one overhead cabinet. We added a second one. Generally speaking more storage is better than less storage. There's even room for a third cabinet but we decided to show some restraint.

Dual overhead cabinets

We kept the single step on the Super 208 instead of upgrading to a two-step entry because the two-step hangs lower than the single and defeats part of the purpose of lifting the box with the raise frame option. The stand-alone step works nicely and can be stowed in the camper during travel.

Super 208 profile

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