To BR or Not To BR

Thoughts on Back Road campers

August 2015: Flagstaff introduced an upgraded version of the Back Road Series called the "Sports Enthusiast" Series, and included the BR28TSC (now the 28TSCSE), the BR23SC (now the 23SCSE), and a few other MAC campers in that series. We're keeping our information on Back Road campers, though, because the Back Road Package remains an option for non-Sports Enthusiast models (plus we don't want to lose the sweet Shakespearean reference in the title of this page).

Flagstaff's BR, or "Back Road," Series is a camping trailer with a toy hauler deck on the front of the camper. Instead of towing two trailers (a tent camper and a trailer for ATVs or dirt bikes) the BR units combine the two into one remarkable design.

In addition to the large toy hauler deck Flagstaff added massive 15" mud tires, shocks for the suspension system, aluminum deck-plate panels on the camper body, and a thicker frame (than the non-BR campers). The result is a beefy camper that has the capacity to haul a bunch of fun to your favorite trail site.

Back Road unit down, profile

A few aspects of the BR Series to consider:

"To BR or Not to BR, that is the question"

The benefits of a tent camper with a large storage deck are clear. But what if the BR campers are too big for your needs? They pack a lot of weight and there are only two floorplans, both of which have an interior shower/cassettes toilet and a slide-out dinette.

If any of these factors don't appeal to you but you still want extra storage space or the high clearance the BR chassis provides there is a compromise: the Back Road Package.

At our shop we can take any Flagstaff pop-up and add certain BR features to it. This opens your choices to all of the floorplans Flagstaff offers. The most common BR feature we install is the "raise frame" that lifts the camper box; the typical lift provides 4" of extra clearance but on a Classic, High Wall, or T-Series the torsion-bar axle allows for lifts up to 10" high!

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